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Janice’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 4.5 months old

Janice (@cheeksymeeksy), a new mom from Singapore was really struggling with her 4.5 months old baby sleep – Kyro before engaging to baby sleep expert, Zoe. Kyro was waking up multiple times at night and he wasn’t napping well during the day…she and her husband were exhausted and they also have another older daughter to look after. After joining my Sleep Baby Sleep Training Program, their lives were transformed for the better once and for all and it all happened in less than 5 days!

Kean and Xixi’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their baby is 6 months old

It was a real privilege to get a lovely video testimonial from Kean and Xixi who are my clients who live in New York. They followed my 5 steps system baby sleep training program consistently and got the results they wanted for their baby.

I had a great time catching up with them when I was in NYC a few years ago. Thanks so much for putting your trust in this baby and child sleep expert all the way from Singapore!

Carin’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when baby was 6 months

“After 2 months of baby sleep training he has learned to self settle and we have set a routine for him and he sleeps all they way to 7am the next day. Life has change tremendously after engaging Zoe. She is definitely a great investment! ” – Carin, Singapore

Jack and Nadia’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their babies were 2.5 years old and 5 months old

“We got our lives back! We got our sleep back! We were both happier and more productive and playful during the day. It was life changing! We will definitely recommend Zoe to as many people as possible because it really really worked!” – Jack and Nadia, Singapore

Mommy Kimberly and Grandma Jenny’s
Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny's Sleep Program when her baby was 7 months old

“Natalie now sleeps from 6pm or 7pm till the next morning to about 6 or 7am. Her naps have become an hour sometimes even 2 hours and she does this on her own. No more carrying, no more pacifiers and no more feeding while she sleeps.” – Kimberly, Singapore


Caryn’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program whenher baby was 1 year old

“To my disbelief, my baby can now sleep for 11 hours and one very important thing that I learned is that being able to fall asleep on his own is a skill that a baby should learn.” – Caryn, Singapore

Rebecca and Edward’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their baby was 4 months old

“Ellie is now sleeping in her cot and taking 1.5-2 hours nap. She is calm in her cot and can self-settle and wakes up a happier and well rested baby.” – Rebecca, Malaysia

Rowan’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program twice when both her babies were 15 months old and 1 year old

“Now, my children are sleeping through the night, my eye bags are on their way out and I’m feeling a lot more energized and a lot more patient during the day, which is making me overall, a happier and hopefully a better mom.” – Rowan, Singapore

Regina’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her newborn baby was 6 weeks old

“My baby, Marianne is sleeping a lot better now and she wakes up well rested and she’s a much happier baby. Zoe is always prompt in replying and walking me through anxiety and any doubts that I have.” – Regina, Singapore

Karen’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program twice when both her baby was 9 months old

“It is priceless to me for my child to be in a happy environment because of him having a good night’s sleep. I can’t imagine how this sleep training worked wonders! It’s amazing!” Karen, Singapore

Dr. Mellissa’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when she was pregnant

“My son was only 4 months old when he started sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am and at 1 year old, he takes 2 solid naps a day and sleep on his own. My husband and I have been able to enjoy our time together after our baby goes to sleep and the best part is – we have a well rested, healthy and happy baby boy.” – Dr. Mellissa, USA

Tze Teng’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 6 months old

“My daughter is a very strong willed child. I thought she couldn’t be sleep trained because she is very stubborn. Having a baby sleep expert is important to empower you, to encourage you and to give you the emotional support throughout your sleep training journey. Zoe is very confident, calm, sincere and honest in helping me.” – Tze Teng, Singapore

Rebecca’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 10 months old

“Life was hard before I met Zoe. I wasn’t sleeping very well, my baby was waking every hour. Now he sleeps through 12 hours through the night. I would 100% recommend Zoe to all my friends and families because it worked!” – Rebecca, Singapore

Michelle Hon’s Endorsement

Mommy influencer,
The Chill Mom and Founder of The MomBoss Academy

“I recommend Zoe’s book, Sleep Baby Sleep! if your baby is having trouble sleeping because her method is gentle and loving.” – Michelle Hon, Singapore

Brenda’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 10 months old

“It’s been a month since we consulted Zoe. We have seen a dramatic improvement with his day naps. We started seeing results by night 2. I know he’s well rested as you can see through his face. He’s a lot happier and he’s able to bond with his brothers. Engaging to a baby sleep expert has been a great investment. She has changed my life and my family’s life.” – Brenda, Singapore

Germaine and Aaron's Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 10 months old

“Thank you for giving us our life back! We really learned a lot! Results talk everything and within a week our little guy gone from refusing to sleep without a breast in her mouth to being able to sleep on his own; and sleeping through the night for 12 hours. Really fantastic! Zoe as a baby sleep expert provided a lot of support and guidance to us!” – Germaine and Aaron, Singapore

Sharon’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 6.5 months old

“With the help of Zoe, I managed to quit Elya off the pacifier and she can sleep through the night now…” – Sharon, Singapore
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“Zoe is truly the sleep guru.

We first engaged her help for our 6 month old daughter, who was waking 5 to 6 times every night from 4 to 6 months old, back in 2019. Everyone was saying her frequent waking was due to her teething. She was also napping a grand total of 30 minutes daily though she was still so young! A google search and I found out about Zoe.

At first, we were skeptical about the effectiveness of sleep training and given that it was a huge sum of money, we were hesitant about it. However, I was desperate as I was falling sick every month due to the lack of sleep. The lack of rest also made me cranky and short tempered. Hence, we decided to try.

It was truly the best decision we every made and money really well spent. My daughter was sleeping through the night by the 2nd night and had at least 1 full nap two weeks later. As time went along, she was eating and learning very well due to having quality sleep.

With this, we understood the importance of good sleep habits in our kids and decided to get Zoe to guide us again for our newborn. Within 3 days, our son was able to self settle and sleep on his own. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of him treating me as a human pacifier and having poor sleep habits.

Zoe is really experienced and is always confident when answering any of our questions. Is your child sleeping poorly? Getting Zoe’s help is the best choice you can ever make! Thanks for all your help Zoe!

Alicia, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program twice when her first baby was 6 months old and
second baby was 3 weeks old
“I remembered I approached Zoe when my baby was about 8 weeks old and we decided to engage her. In 1 week plus we saw amazing improvements in his sleep from waking up every 2-3 hours, he was able to sleep longer stretches from about 5-6 hours, then 8 – 9 hours and finally at just 2 months old he was sleeping through the night 10-12 hours.

I am really thankful to Zoe for her guidance and advice which is so crucial as I implement her 5 steps system. When she came to my home she also checked out my baby’s sleep environment and suggested ways to improve it.”
Jesvin, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Training program when her baby was 8 weeks old
Wa Chat Mom Of 10 Months Old 4
My husband and I used to argue a lot prior to joining your Sleep Baby Sleep program. It turns out that it was because of sleep deprivation.

This is really the best investment for us joining your sleep program. Now my husband is super loving to baby and our relationships improved a great deal. Thank you so much!
Ely - Super happy mommy, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 10 months old.
Wa Chat 6 Months Old
Wa Chat 6 Months Old
Before sleep training Ashler, I suffered for 6 whole months, running on fragmented sleep. I was basically a mom-bie. Being sleep deprived, I wasn’t able to carry out my duties as a mum to my elder boy, I wasn’t able to be a cheerful wife to my husband and I wasn’t able to perform well at work.

Ashler now sleeps 10-12 hours every night and I am able to get the sleep that I do badly need in order to function properly.

Thank you for allowing me to feel like a real person again!
Rebecca, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 6 months old.
I was at my wits’ end when my then eight-week-old daughter could only take her naps on me. We would spend 1-2 hours rocking her at night so that she could sleep for another hour or two, before waking up crying again. On some days, it seemed like she was so hungry so I kept on latching her, only to have her vomit out the milk while crying endlessly — we checked her temperature and she was completely fine, and her diaper output was normal. We tried everything for weeks — pacifier (she rejected all), swaddle (her hands would escape, or she would wake up from trying to escape it), white noise machine (seems to have no impact), a dark and cool room.

So I started researching and reading up on baby sleep, and attempted to try practicing good sleeping habits. But nothing seemed to work! I spoke to a couple of friends who then told me i could only try “sleep training” when my daughter was about four months. It meant that I had to wait for two months more but the lack of sleep was getting too much for me to handle.

So I googled “sleep consultant”, contacted several and decided to go with Zoe after a quick phone call. She was very calm and supportive on the phone, and I felt reassured that we can work something out so that my daughter can get the rest she truly needs, and that I could take a break too. A well rested mom is so important!

Zoe came over within a couple of days for our home consultation and brought us through the whole process. We started laying down the good sleep habits and keeping to it consistently.

We tried applying what Zoe taught us and by the third night she was going down without a peep! The best part about the sleep was not so much the hours, but how she woke up absolutely chatty and smiley 🙂 This is definitely worth it. Thanks Zoe for being such a great support system and for guiding us through this sleep journey.
Sufina, Mom of 1, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 8 weeks old
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I get so much more rest and I feel more confident in handling her now. I was struggling so much previously and it led to many unhappiness within the family. We always believe in knowledge of sleep science and it really help us to recognise her cues and knowing what to do when she cry. Thank you so much!
Faith Wong, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was
just 5 weeks old.
“I was tired and depressed. My son used to require me to cuddle him for naps otherwise he will sleeps for only less than 30 mins and wakes up super upset. He required rocking and carrying to fall asleep all the time.

After joining Sleep Baby Sleep program, my son is able to fall asleep independently and has been sleeping through the night for 9-11 hours. For his naps, while he’s able to fall asleep independently, he is still learning how to connect sleep cycles and there are good days and bad.

Zoe is easy to speak to and will be able to help with your child’s sleep issues.
Sheryl, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Training program when her baby was 8 weeks old
I remember sharing with you that she fed poorly and was always crying and fussing but that changed after she was sleep trained. She’s such a happy baby now and I’m enjoying motherhood so much more!
Jean Sg Supernanny 2
Jean, happy mother of 1 - Singapore
Joined VIP Package SBS Program when her baby was 6 weeks old.
“My hubby and I was initially skeptical about engaging a baby sleep expert but our 5 months old baby has been waking up every 1-2 hours every night needing to be patted back to sleep and nap time was even worse. He would be catnapping 20-30 mins each nap.

Both of us were so sleep deprived and so was our baby. We decided to get Zoe’s help and this was by far the most constructive decision ever. We really should have engaged her help way earlier. It was tough at the beginning but when our baby learnt to sleep on his own by the 2nd night, we were so happy and proud of him.

Even though there are still some hiccups every now and then, especially during nap time (as mentioned by Zoe, naps would take 2-4 weeks for improvements), but we believe that in a few more weeks he will be able to do it. It has only been a week since the sleep training and it is only fair to give him more time when we are expecting him to learn a new skill and kick away the bad ones. And it is only fair to Zoe to show that her program does work.

Thank you Zoe for your support along the way and answering all our questions and doubts. Now that we are all getting enough sleep, we are happier and so is our baby.”
Cuiting Testi 150x150
Cuiting, Mommy of 1 – Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when baby was 5 months old
I can’t rave enough about Zoe. Upon meeting me, she showed me her knowledge around the science of sleep and provided me with some very simple changes I could make to my son’s daily structure and routine to help set him up for success. It’s incredibly easy to get him to sleep now, and he learned quickly that he was able to self-settle when he did wake up. He’s now a rested and happy baby – with rested and happy parents!
Rebeca Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 300x274
Rebecca, former ‘Mombie’ (Mom zombie)
Joined SBS Program when her baby was 10 months old.
Now I’m happy to say that they (twins) are able to fall asleep without being nursed/rocked/ carried to sleep. Their naps are very solid as well – sometimes we face a (good) problem of them napping for too long and we having to wake them up! The boys are more alert and refreshed, and in a much better mood than before..
Serene, mother of twins - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her twins were 4 months old.
“We would highly recommend her services to any new parent(s) or parents-to-be (please start baby sleep training early unlike us!) to get well deserved rest not only for the parents but of course to see happy and rested kids!”
Aparna Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 150x150
Aparna, Well rested Mommy of 2 – Singapore
With my 1 to 1 session with Zoe we really talked about my son’s problems and ways to rectify it. Even his school teacher realised the difference, and commented that he is able to pay more attention in class as he used to be very cranky due to him not getting enough sleep.
Sharon O, Mother of 10 months old baby
“Zoe was very encouraging and assuring, and most importantly, she was there to answer my questions, address my fears and comfort me at all those times when I needed it. That was what baby sleep training books and all those information online could not provide at the critical times.”
Angela, Mother of 1
I am able to be the mum I want to be for my baby and he is a lot happier being more rested.
Dr Joyce Ting, Melbourne, Mother of one
Now we are able to put our 11 weeks old boy to sleep in the cot & he naps longer than initially.
Kelly, Mother of one
…within days we saw huge progress. My husband and I was amazed that she can fall asleep on her own.
D Pan, Mother of two
We are so glad we called you earlier rather than later
P Tan, Mother of one
Zoe is so equipped with baby sleeping knowledge and she is wonderfully helpful throughout the baby sleep training journey.
Lauren, happy mother of one
I didn’t expect to get results so soon but baby was sleeping through the night by the 2nd night and took her first full nap on the first day! By continuing with what Zoe taught, baby took one to two full naps daily around 2 weeks after sleep training. I have such a happy and giggly baby now!
Amber, Mommy of 1, Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her baby was 6 months old.
Zoe has not only helped me by giving me the tools to let baby sleep well… she has also guided me to set the EASY routines for my son so that I am able to figure out what my baby needs when he cries.
Jasmine Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 300x274
Jasmine, happy mother of 1 - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her baby was 4 months old.
The beauty about Zoe’s baby sleep training program to me is like “going back to the basic” there is no gimmicks, props or any excess stuff. Just science and commitment. I like how she set up a framework for me and was quite firm on sticking to her framework. And it really worked!
Beth Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 150x150
Beth, Mother of 2 - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her baby was 6 months old.
“Zoe‘s no nonsense attitude was great in helping us to see what we were doing wrong with trying to get our baby to nap properly. Just one week of implementing her guidance saw our daughter’s naps improve 100%. Although we still have the odd hiccup, referring back to Zoe‘s advice helps us get back on track quickly.”
Geraldine Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 150x150
Yolande., Mother of 1
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Program when her baby was 8 months old.
I’m glad to have Zoe’s support & assurance to know what we were doing was right & it’s all good for our baby. Now, it’s really easy to put our baby down for his naps & bedtime as long as he is not overtired. He is able to nap well during the day & sleep through the night.
Sleep Supernanny
CH, happy mother of one - Singapore
We followed Zoe’s instructions and I can safely say that for the past three weeks my son has been sleeping 7pm to 7am (sometimes even 8am) and wakes up a happy, well-rested baby.

I’m also able to put him in his cot awake and he falls asleep independently. And his daytime naps have also improved tremendously. Thank you so much Zoe!
Jassmin Peter-Berntzen, mum to 8-month-old Andreas Dhiraj
Who says having babies equal to sleep deprivation? Not anymore for us. Thank you Zoe!
Siew Khee, Mother of 2
Zoe helped put things in perspective and gave us the confidence to do what we needed to do.
LJ mommy of two
She is definitely sleeping better!
BT, Mother of two
Thanks to Zoe, I am a much happier person now.
Valerie T, mommy of one
“It’s been 3 months since then and my girl has not only slept through the night, she’s able to self soothe herself to sleep for both her night sleeps and nap times! Not only that, what used to be half an hour cat naps, she now takes 1.5-2 hour naps twice a day 🎉. Just this afternoon, my dad told me she slept for 2.5 hours 🎉🎉🎉. ”
Sock Hian Sg Supernanny Sleep Baby Sleep
Sock Hian, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Training program when her baby was 9 months old
“After engaging Zoe, our daughter perfected sleep training and we were so proud. When we put her on her bed she would toss and turn a little and then fall asleep without crying! She was sleeping from 7pm to 7am without waking up and again where she did wake up she knew how to self settle.

I was sleeping 8hrs straight and full of energy during the day and on weekends to really nurture my baby without being exhausted all the time.”
Ai Linh Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 300x274
Ai Linh, well rested mommy of a toddler, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her toddler was 2 years old
I feel very happy and empowered to be able to handle my twins on my own!!!!! And most people can hardly believe that I even have time for my own naps/ Netflix time/ meals! And the fact that my babies can also sleep through…my husband and I get to spend quality time catching up with each other over dinner and more Netflix haha!
Yiqi Testi 150x150
Yiqi, Mommy of Twins - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her twins were 6 weeks old.
With Zoe’s guidance and my “tough love” there was instant result within the first night, Jackson slept from 8pm till the next morning 7.30am. I especially love that I do not need to pat him, rock him or feed him back to sleep, what a relief!
Brenda Sg Supernanny Baby And Child Sleep Consultant 300x274
Brenda, happy mother of 3 boys - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her baby was 9 months old.
I especially love the fact that I don’t have to rock her to sleep anymore – I just need to sing her a lullaby and put her down in her bed and she will fall asleep on her own! Even my mother and husband can tuck her in bed easily with the same method.
Sharon, happy mother of three - Singapore
After going through the baby sleep training program with Zoe, she corrected a lot of our misconceptions regarding sleeping habits. Within less than a week, our baby is able to sleep on her own and wakes up only once at night to be coaxed to sleep. Me and my husband have more time for ourselves and we feel more relieved for our baby.
Patricia, Mother of 2
Now we are able to put our 11 weeks old boy to sleep in the cot & he naps longer than initially.
C Yap, Mother of 1 year old toddler
Baby is also feeding better during the day as he is more well rested overnight.
Cheryl L, mommy of one
Her experience and knowledge are indispensable to the success of our son’s ability to sleep independently.
Geraldine T, happy and grateful mommy of one