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Are you tired of being tired?

Are you dreading nap time and bedtime? Are you feeling frustrated and don’t understand why your baby just won’t sleep? Have you tried just about every single piece of advice you have gotten from your well meaning friends and families but it’s still not working out?

Not getting enough sleep is terrible and it affects every aspects of our lives, our mood, our health and our relationships with everyone in the family.

Exhaustion is NOT a badge of honour.

Meet The Sleep Supernanny Dream Team

All dream team members are part of the Sleep Supernanny mentorship program. Zoe continues to support, guide and oversee the Dream Team as they work with the families who put their trust in us.

This is to ensure that all clients will experience the same amazing results and of course lots of sleep regardless of who supports them.

Our Journey from Sleep Deprivation to Blissful Nights: Our Dream Team Stories

Embark on our personal journey as we conquer sleep deprivation and uncover the secrets to blissful nights. Join us on a journey of transformation, from sleep deprivation to restful nights, happier relationships, and a renewed joy in parenting. Get ready to unlock the secrets to peaceful sleep with us by your side. Why us? Because we’ve been there too.

Watch My Story

Watch My Story

Hi Mommies and Daddies!

My name is Zoe Chu aka SG Supernanny or Sleep Supernanny.

Let me just say I’m so glad that you’re here. I am absolutely confident I can help you end your sleep struggles and be much happier and well rested using my simple and proven 5 step system! 

I am passionate about sleep and empowering tired and sleep deprived families get back their precious sleep and sanity too!

I made the decision a long time ago to live a purposeful life and now it’s my mission to help more parents just like you enjoy their parenthood through better sleep and positive mindset.

Brands I've Worked With

Sleep Supernanny
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Are you ready to reclaim back your sleep for you and your little one?

With Sleep Supernanny at any stages throughout your parenting journey you are never alone and you will be guided and supported every step of the way

Laying a foundation of healthy sleep habits from day 1 of your baby’s life is absolutely possible! In fact it would be the best decision you ever made for your baby. Education is key! Through this package, your sleep consultant will show you how to paint the right picture to foster healthy sleep habits for your new bundle of joy. When the right foundation is laid, this would be crucial in preventing sleep challenges in the future.
Infant Sleep Training - Sleep Supernanny

+ Infants

(3 - 23 months)

Sleep is a learned skill just like anything else in life. If you don’t teach your child this skill now, it will be more challenging as they get older and more set in their ways. Teaching a baby to sleep well can improve life in countless ways! When you opt for a sleep package for your baby (ages 3 months to 23 months) with us, you can expect a clear, easy-to-follow, customizable sleep plan that will allow your little one to get all the restorative sleep – for both naps and overnight – that he or she needs.
Toddler Sleep Training - Sleep Supernanny

+ Toddlers

(2 - 5 years)

Who says it’s too late to foster healthy sleep habits for this age group? We spent 1/3 of our lives sleeping and we owe it to our children to give them this lifelong skill of sleeping well.

It is never too late to teach your child independent sleep skills to get all the rest he or she needs. If your child is over two years old, sleep changes can be harder and trickier, but a step-by-step plan with personalised follow-up support from your consultant will allow you to guide your child through learning how to sleep peacefully through the night! Bottom line is, there’s still hope to fix your child’s sleep problems and it can be resolved in a matter of days if not weeks!

Adult needs 7-9 hours of quality sleep every single night. So if you find yourself exhausted too often, a private consultation with a detailed plan to improve your sleep is worth the investment. Adult sleep is more complicated but with the right sleep plan, you too will be on your way to renewed energy, increased focused, and better health. Great sleep can truly change your life!

Why Choose Sleep Supernanny

Tailored Sleep Solutions Just for You

Every child is unique, and so are their sleep patterns. Our dream team of sleep consultants take the time to understand your child’s specific needs and your family’s routine. We then create a customized sleep plan that is as unique as your little one, completely breaking away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Unwavering Support and Guidance

We’re not just handing you a sleep plan and wishing you good luck. We stay by your side, every step of the way. Our consultants provide consistent guidance and support as you journey towards better sleep. Through home or phone consultations, WhatsApp support, we are there for you when you need us the most.

Proven Results:

We’re proud of our track record. Our Sleep Baby Sleep programs have successfully helped countless families from newborns to preschoolers overcome sleep challenges, leading to better sleep for everyone involved. We’re not just confident, we’re certain we can bring peaceful nights to your household too.

Peace of Mind

We understand that when your child isn’t sleeping well, it can turn your world upside down. With Sleep Supernanny, you can let out a sigh of relief. Our dream team of sleep consultants who used to be mombies will help you navigate the sleep training process with confidence, providing you with effective tools to ensure your child gets the rest they need.

As a Sleep Supernanny client, you’ll gain access to a suite of exclusive perks designed to enhance your overall well-being. Enjoy discounts and special offers from our carefully selected partners across a range of products and services, including beauty, wellness, and self-care items.

The Sleep Supernanny Promise

If you’re ready to trade sleepless nights for restful ones, join the Sleep Supernanny family today. Let us guide you and your family towards the tranquil nights you all deserve. Your journey to better sleep starts here.

Will it really work for my family?

Hear what other parents have to say about my Sleep Baby Sleep program

Moms Share Heartfelt Stories of Sleep Struggles and Triumph Through the Sleep Baby Sleep Program

Faith, Li Lin, and Sneha on an Emotional Journey from Exhaustion to Empowerment. Discover the Transformative Power of Our Sleep Baby Sleep Program for Tired Moms Seeking Rest and Confidence.

Real Parents' Hilarious Journey to Peaceful Nights with Sleep Baby Sleep

Buckle Up for Laughs and Tears as Valerie, Thursten, Sabrina, and Kevin Spill the Beans on Escaping Sleep Deprivation. Discover the 5-Step System That Transformed Their Lives.

"Zoe provided me with the strength and tools needed to embark on a proper sleep training journey. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts, we were determined to make it work this time. The initial days were tough - tears were shed, earplugs were worn - but after just 5 days, our little one learned to self-soothe, go down with minimal fuss, and sleep through the night!

I won't lie; it was an emotional and challenging week for both of us. Yet, the results were beyond worth it. Baby is now much easier to put down, and we're all enjoying the benefits of uninterrupted, restorative sleep. A happy baby equals less zombie-like parents, right?

Zoe's gentle yet results-oriented approach truly made a difference."

--- Carol Chen, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Hustler, and the Driving force behind the success of five companies across five countries and most of all a Mother of the 14-month old boy

Tze Teng’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 6 months old

Rebecca’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 10 months old

Karen’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 9 months old

Dr. Mellissa’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when she was pregnant

Michelle Hon’s Endorsement

“Her methods are easy to follow, loving and gentle with babies.”

Carin’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 6 months old

If you're a new parent struggling with sleepless nights and a fussy baby, then Zoe Chu's Sleep Baby Sleep book is an absolute game-changer. As an IBCLC and a mother of 4 children, I've read countless books on the subject, and really appreciate the comprehensive and practical advice provided by Zoe.

Her 5 steps approach to establishing healthy sleep habits for your little one is easy to follow and highly effective. I was impressed by how she addresses common sleep issues such as frequent night waking and short naps, and offers realistic solutions that can be implemented right away.

What I loved most about Zoe's book is her warm and supportive tone. As a parent herself, she understands the challenges of raising a baby and provides guidance that is both informative and reassuring.

In summary, if you want to get your baby sleeping better, soundly through the night and give yourself some much-needed rest, then Zoe Chu's Sleep Baby Sleep book is a must-read. It's the best investment you can make for your family's well-being and happiness.

-- Yvon Bock, IBCLC, Founder & CEO of Hegen, Mother of four amazing teenagers

Yvon Bock, IBCLC, Founder & CEO of Hegen, Mother of four amazing teenagers
Yvon Bock, IBCLC, Founder & CEO of Hegen, Mother of four amazing teenagers

Why Learn from Me?

Before I show you how exactly The Sleep Baby Sleep Program works I would like to introduce myself and share with you WHY you can trust me to help you.

My name is Zoe Chu and I am a mother of 4 kids including a set of twins. I am a baby and adult sleep expert, author, speaker and I have been turning mombies into sleeping beauties since 2013.

Aside from getting my Bachelor Degree and Masters in Commerce and Management with Lincoln University, I also have a Graduate Certificate in Counselling with Monash University.

I have been invited to speak at many events as a recognized expert in my field. Many major brands have worked with me such as Netflix, Nestle, Enfamama, Cetaphil, Drypers, Hegen, Aveeno, Motherswork, Salesforce, Page Group and Prudential to reach out to their target audience.

Over the past few years, my work has been featured in a lot of media, TV, radios, newspapers and magazines. In fact, Harper’s Bazaar Jr has selected my sleep program as one of the Top 12 Best Courses for Parents in Singapore. Just recently in 2021, I was selected as one of the Top 20 Marvellous Women in Singapore as seen on Yahoo! and The Asian Parents.

My expert advice on improving children’s sleep has also been featured on Mindvalley, one of the world’s top educational platforms in self development. I have also been featured on a short documentary in National Geographic for my work as a sleep expert.

I am not trying to impress you but I really want you to feel assured (as a parent) to understand that I am a recognized, qualified professional who’s been doing this for a long time and I also implemented the exact same 5 step system on my 4 babies too. My 4 babies including my twins are able to sleep through the night from just 3-4 months old because I fostered healthy sleep habits for them.

Why the Sleep Baby Sleep Program Works

I have surveyed my clients and here's what they agreed

Simple and easy to follow - Baby Sleep Training - Sleep Supernanny

Simple and easy to follow

The Sleep Baby Sleep program shows you exactly what are the 5 key steps and what you need to do every day and night. No more feeling overwhelmed and confused. I’ll explain to you WHY the steps are important and then show you exactly how to follow them step by step.
Customized for your child and for you - Baby Sleep Training - Sleep Supernanny

Customized for your child
and for you

The methods will vary according to your child’s age and temperament and personalities. Just as every child is different, so is every parent. Every parent will have a different parenting philosophy and I respect that totally. The Sleep Baby Sleep program lets you choose the methods that you feel will suit your parenting philosophy best and allow you to go with your gut instinct as a parent.
It's comprehensive - Baby Sleep Training - Sleep Supernanny

It's comprehensive

You will discover that I am all about giving you all the tools and resources you need to solve your child’s sleep problems. I want you to feel assured every step of the way so my online video program, my eBook and my Master Sleep Library has everything you need to learn and more and you will never feel stuck.

In short, the Sleep Baby Sleep program is the ONLY sleep training program you’ll need in order to get your child’s sleep problems solved.

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