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Why Does Sleep Supernanny 5-steps Baby Sleep System Work?

Sleep Supernanny 5-steps Baby Sleep System

Are you wondering why you aren’t succeeding when you tried teaching your little one how to sleep independently? That’s because teaching your child how to self settle is just a piece of the
puzzle and you got to put all the different pieces together to get your success story.

Do you want to know why our 5-steps system has succeeded in helping thousands of families get better sleep? Read on to find out what are our 5 steps!

Understanding the science of sleep

Are you frustrated and lost as to why your child is taking short naps and waking multiple times at night? That’s how comprehending the science behind sleep will help! It makes it easier for you to troubleshoot possible sleep situations you may face by understanding the knowledge behind it.

Creating an ideal sleep environment

Is your little one always napping on the go? Sleeping in the carrier or yaolan? If your child is sleeping in such environments, it definitely won’t be as restful. It is the same as you resting better when you sleep on your bed than on the bus.

Ideally, your child should be sleeping on the cot in a safe, dark and quiet environment.

Establishing an age appropriate routine

Having a schedule is the most important step as children are easily overstimulated. An overtired child will fight fatigue by producing more stimulating energy, preventing them from falling asleep easily and staying asleep.

Hence, it is crucial to establish an age appropriate routine while you let your child learn how to self settle!

Having a sleep plan

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without keeping the various components in mind, it will be difficult to get better sleep for your little one and your family.

Teaching your child the art of self settling

After looking at these aspects, it will be easier to teach your child how to sleep independently. This is a vital skill and learning how to self settle allows them to better connect sleep cycles. This in turn means better sleep for your child and everyone in the family!

Want to find out more about our 5-steps system? Tried to DIY with your child’s sleep but getting nowhere? Book your FREE 20-mins discovery call today! We will love to journey with your family and get quality sleep for everyone!

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