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Why sleep is so important to you as parents?

How To Get Baby On The Bed

Are you at your wit’s end and do not know what to do about your sleep situation? Or more specifically are you pulling your hair out wondering how to get your baby to sleep so you too can have a restful night? Are you feeling isolated and frustrated? Well the truth is you are not alone. Millions of parents around the world are experiencing sleep issues with their children.

You Need Sleep

Let me be clear with you. You aren’t superheroes. You’re human. And humans like you and I need our sleep to function well. Here’s what prolonged lack of sleep can do to you:

  • Forgetfulness – you forgot where you parked the car, did you remember to lock the door
  • Depressed – you have emotional crying spells, overwhelmed and possibly even feeling resentful towards your child
  • Trapped – you feel unable to leave your child, unable to put your baby down. You have not been out to enjoy a special night out with your husband or your friends. You feel isolated and alone and no one seems to understand what you are going through
  • Low Confidence – you regularly feel like you don’t know what to do, you get confused by things you have read on the Internet. You are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.
  • Short-fused – your temper flared up easily, you can’t control your anger
  • Relationship issues – you feel as though there is a wedge between you and your husband, you don’t agree on anything anymore

It’s hard to be effective as parents if you are exhausted. I was once in your situation. I felt like a zombie not having any sleep at all during the night. But once I managed to sleep train my children, everything changed for the better. You will see a huge difference in your confidence and your outlook once you can sleep train your child well so you too can get that much needed sleep.

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