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Why Kids Need Routine (even babies)

4 Month Sleep Regression

When my twins came into my world, I didn’t know what to expect. My life was turned upside down as all of a sudden, I have these two tiny little angels, looking to me, depending on me to care for them 24/7. I knew I have to establish a routine in order for me to get both babies feeding and sleeping at the same time.

So why do our children or our babies need a routine?

Because routines give them a sense of security and it would help them develop self-discipline. Yes even babies need routine so that they feel secured knowing what to expect next. Some of you may think, I don’t have a routine, why should my kids have a routine? Well, even when you think your life doesn’t have a routine, you actually do. You wake up, brush your teeth and have your breakfast every morning. That’s a routine on its own.

  • Routines help kids learn to be independent – Over time, kids learn to feed themselves, shower themselves etc without constant reminders. Kids love being in charge and feeling that they are capable. Kids who feel more independent and be in charge feel less need to be rebellious and misbehaved thus eliminating the power struggles between them and their parents.
  • Routines help kids to cooperate as they know what to expect next and don’t feel like they have been pushed around.
  • Regular routines help kids to be on a daily schedule that would help achieve a good sleeping habit and fall asleep easily at night.
  • Schedules help parents maintain a healthy expectations for everyone in the family and develop healthy habits in order to run a smooth household.

If you want to get your kids on a routine, don’t delay anymore. The sooner you start, the earlier they will get on board with the idea of routines in their life.

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