Why I love being a baby sleep consultant and how it helps others

Why I Love Being a Baby Sleep Consultant

Why I Love Being A Baby Sleep Consultant

Was having a conversation with a dear friend today. This made me remember why I started working as a baby sleep consultant and why I love it. ⁣

Friend: Not easy doing your job when the clients you meet are all tired, frustrated and sleep deprived and even depressed.⁣ 

Me: Yeah and furthermore sleep training always gets a bad reputation. If you google why sleep training is bad you will get lots of articles. If you google why sleep training is good you will also get tonnes of articles. So it’s really what you want to believe in. But I see myself as giving all these parents the alternative way out. If they feel that they can’t keep doing what they have been doing i.e attending to their baby who keeps waking up multiple times at night, carrying their baby to sleep or latching their baby 18-24 times a day, then I am telling them there’s another way. Fostering healthy sleep habits.⁣ 

Friend: True. But sleep training really isn’t for everyone.⁣ 

Me: Yeah that’s right. It isn’t for everyone. Sometimes for reasons beyond your control you are unable to commit to sleep training. It can also be stressful at first during the transitioning phase but once you get over the initial hurdles, then you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing your child getting a good night’s sleep every single night and waking up happy and well-rested that’s just priceless! That’s the ultimate goal we want to achieve.

If you want to end your struggles, find out more by checking out what my baby sleep packages can do for your family or book a FREE 20 mins discovery call with me so I can address any of your concerns before you decide to embark on this coaching program.

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