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What to do when my baby cries a lot?

What To Do When My Baby Cries A Lot

Crying is the biggest fear most parents have when embarking on sleep training.

But for some reason, they have forgotten that even before they embark on sleep training, their babies are already crying a lot either due to overtiredness, frustration or just due to the lack of sleep overall.

We’re jolted by our baby’s slightest expression of discomfort or dismay. Our instinct is to do anything in our power to stop a baby from crying. When our baby’s cries aren’t easily abated we’re unnerved, frustrated, feel like complete failures. One sound from the baby and the pressure we feel is enormous. Make the crying stop so we can breathe again. That’s what we hope! 🙏🏻

I hope you will know that crying isn’t harmful and in the context of a loving and nurturing family, your child isn’t going to feel abandoned just because you choose to allow them to learn this skill of self-settling themselves to sleep.

When your baby is crying, keep calm and figure out why your baby is crying. Is she hungry? Discomfort? Overtired? Or simply protesting? Remeber that all babies cry to communicate with you. The best thing to do is to learn more and research about crying.

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