Welcome To The All New Sleep Supernanny - Sleep Supernanny

Welcome To The All New Sleep Supernanny

Welcome To The New Sleep Supernanny

Exciting news!! I have several good news to share with you this week. Turn on my post notifications on my social media so you won’t miss them! Giveaways and discounts await! 

Anyway TADA!! The moment that I have been working hard for the past 6 months! 

I can now finally rest and relax for a bit!

My website just got a gorgeous new makeover! Head over to the new website to check it out and celebrate with us!

Welcome To The New Sleep Supernanny

I also did a new branding and logo from SG Supernanny to Sleep Supernanny. 

Old Logo Sg Supernanny Logo Asia Leading Baby And Adult Sleep Expert
Our old logo
Welcome To The New Sleep Supernanny
Our brand new logo

The reason for this new branding is because I have always wanted to expand beyond Singapore. Now with this new branding I hope to reach out to more tired families all over the world, not just in Singapore.

For years when I tell people my brand SG Supernanny, they wondered if I provide nanny confinement services or they were not sure what exactly I do. So I hope with this new brand Sleep Supernanny, they know what I do right away. 

My WHAT or my superpower is turning mombies into sleeping beauties.

My HOW is through my 5 steps system and empowering them to take action to transform their minds and beliefs.

My biggest WHY is always to inspire more mommies to be the best version of themselves through better sleep, positive mindset and self-love!

I have decided to give 50% off on my SHOP page to celebrate my new website launch. Just use the code ‘ALLNEWSLEEPSUPERNANNY’

This huge discount is valid only till 30th July 2021. 

I will also have a new IG account for @sleepsupernanny and this new account will be sharing mainly sleep tips and positivity. 

I will still be using @sgsupernanny where you can get to connect with me on a more personal level. 

Please follow both accounts so you can get all the amazing contents on sleep, parenting, family and positivity. 

Thank you so much!

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