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Hi, I'm Tze Teng!

I am married to the love of my life and we are blessed with a 4-year old daughter. Motherhood is a gift from God and the most rewarding journey in my life.

However, I did not have a smooth start as a mother. As an infant, our girl struggled with sleep. We were at our wits end trying different methods to get her to sleep but nothing works!

I was so physically exhausted with only a few hours of sleep a day. At that point of time, painkillers for migraine and strong coffee were my best friend to keep me going. Motherhood became even more difficult because of SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

I was desperate for a SOLUTION! One day, a pediatrician friend of mine strongly advised me to seek help from a sleep coach. I discovered Zoe @sgsupernanny and decided to try out her methods after doing some research. My 6-month old baby was sleeping through the night within a couple of days! We were blown away by how effective it was!

It was a life changing experience for us as a family. Since then, I have been sharing my child’s sleep training journey with my friends and extended family members as some of them also struggle with the same problem. I want to help other parents so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made as a first-time mother.


I am passionate about helping couples to regain the joy of parenthood and get back their most rejuvenating sleep!

“Happiness is when your baby is getting great sleep”

Thursten and Valerie, Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when their baby was 10 months old

Kendrick and Cheryl, Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when their baby was 3 months old

However, through Tze Teng’s guidance, I eventually learnt techniques to deal with my toddler’s sleep issues in a simple and painless way. Within a week, my little one was sleeping through the night! Tze Teng would often check in on me to make sure things were going on smoothly even long after the programme was completed. I’ll always be grateful for her patience and sincerity in helping and enabling me. Thanks Tze Teng for always going out of your way to comfort, guide and support tired mummies like me!
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Emileen Lim
Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when her child was 3 years old
Being a first time parents, we are usually having doubts about ourselves and unsure of what to do. There are multiple ways & approaches in sleep training available in the web or books, however, doing it practically versus theory is vastly different. Having TT's 1 to 1 guidance ensures that we are heading to the right direction and able to face any unforeseen situations. We're proud to say that our son has succeeded in learning a lifelong skillset and is able to sleep through the night from 7pm to 7am daily + full naps. With good sleep comes with good appetite and cheerfulness. Thank you TT for your help!
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Vincent Lo
Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when his child was 6 months old
A big hug to Tze Teng who supported my son’s 3-weeks sleep training. She was very encouraging, patient and super responsive. Not only giving training to my son, TT also taught my nanny how to do with baby’s feeding and scheduling. After the training, I got to know the importance of scheduling, observing sleepy cues, cot extension and most importantly, understanding that crying is not a bad thing. Although my son’s nap training is still a long way to go, I’m thankful that I have engaged TT in this process. Definitely recommend to my friends who suffer from sleepless nights and restless days.
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Jessica Wan
Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme her child was 6 months old

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