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How My Twins Got Me Where I am Today


8 years ago, my twins were born and nothing could have prepared me for their arrivals. Like any first time parents, I was excited and anxious at the same time. My husband and I bought two of everything (almost!) and we were ready to welcome them into our lives. Holding them both in my arms for the first time was a nice and surreal feeling. When we took them home from the hospital, we really didn’t know what to expect. Our sleepless nights began pretty much that very same day. If you think one was hard, try having two crying babies at the same time. Who do you attend to first? At one stage, I even have to learn how to breastfeed both babies at the same time. Well if they are both hungry, a Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do right?

The first few months were the hardest as we struggled with settling them to sleep. I remembered one would wake up for feed at 2am and the other at 4am. It was really literally no sleep for me at all those days. Looking like a zombie and having no sleep, I was totally dazed and that really kept me from enjoying my babies.

I realised we needed to do something and make some changes and get them to sleep for longer stretches which led me down the road on this journey of where I am today.

Anyway, I started to equip myself with the knowledge and tools required to get my twins to sleep through the night and also teaching them the art of self settling. After 10 weeks onwards, my twins started sleeping through the night and I remain forever grateful to my lovely neighbour, Vania who gave me the precious advice. I paid it forward and helped many of my friends who were struggling with their overtired babies as well. Today, it has become my passion and business to help sleep deprived parents get back their sleep again.

If like me, you are struggling with your baby sleep and you are feeling exhausted and sleep deprived, you don’t have to keep on struggling anymore. As a baby sleep consultant, I am here to help you with a private consultation at the comfort of your own home and instead of months of exhaustion, you will soon be getting back your sleep again once your baby is old enough to do so.

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