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Twins Getting Better Quality Sleep – Success Story

How To Get Baby On The Bed

One of the things I love about my job besides being able to help parents and babies get back the sleep they deserved, is that I get to meet lovely clients who are just the nicest and seeing their babies sometimes reminded me so much of my own children when they were babies. 3 weeks ago, I met Melissa, mommy of a lovely set of twin boys and talking to her and seeing her cute twins, just reminded me so much about my days with my twins.

Anyway, I got a lovely testimonial from her this week after starting my sleep program.

At 9 months, my twin boys were still waking up in the middle of the night to feed. They also had difficulty falling back asleep by themselves between cycles, and often woke up crying. My husband and I decided to work with Zoe to see if we could try to help our boys to sleep better and more independently. Zoe convinced us to go cold turkey with our boys.

The first night was tough. The boys were crying for an hour before settling down. It broke our hearts. But by the second night, both of them fell asleep within 10 minutes, and slept through the night. It’s been a week and our twin boys continue to sleep through the night. They are getting better quality sleep and wake up happy.

Both my husband and I are also more rested and have the energy to engage our babies the way we want to in the morning. I admit that I was very hesitant about sleep training, but I’m happy that we did our research and gave it a go. I am surprised at how quickly my babies adapted to the new schedule and learnt how to self sooth.

Thank you Zoe for all your help, support and constant encouragement!

Melissa, mother of twins

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