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Top 8 Reasons To Sleep Train Your Child

Top 8 Reasons To Sleep Train Your Child

Often I get a lot of potential clients calls and emails and sometimes I don’t hear back from them ever again or sometimes it took them a few weeks or months to decide to engage me because the circumstances became too dire.

If I had the chance to tell these families I would tell them don’t wait any longer because sleep deprivation is bad not just for themselves but also for their babies as well.

The benefits of sleep training is simply exhaustive and it’s definitely not my intention to make the parents feel judged if they choose not to sleep train. To me, to each its own as I have always believed. I strongly think that as parents, we are just doing the best we can with the knowledge we got. I am not here to judge another parent for their choices but I am here to help if you need my help.

Personally, I have been on both side of the fence. I saw first-hand how bad it was not to sleep train my twins ― it wasn’t a pretty picture. After I sleep trained them, I can only see the benefits of sleep training. None of their long naps and sleeping through the night would have been possible without sleep training.

So here are the top 8 reasons why you should sleep train your child:

Sleep train your child to improve their appetite

1) If you are struggling with your child’s feeding sometimes, you will find that once your baby sleeps better, their feeding will improve as well. This is because sleep regulates your child’s appetite and your baby will be less tired and fussy when it comes to eating.

Sleep train your child to make them happier

2) With better and longer sleep, your baby will wake up happier. If you find your baby waking up crying chances are, your baby is overtired (as long as they are not hungry).

Sleep train your child to help them grow and gain weight

3) Babies and children grow when they sleep. Your baby will start to gain weight well when he/she sleeps better.

Sleep train your child to improve their speech and language skills

4) Better communication. For older children, if they are tired, they would prefer to grizzle and whine over speaking. If your child is well rested, then their speech and language skills will improve greatly.

Sleep train your child for their overall well being

5) Your child overall well being will improve. Children who foster healthy sleep habits are optimally awake and alert to interact with their environment. These children are self assured, happy, less demanding and more sociable. They have longer attention spans and as a result become faster learners.

Sleep train your child to avoid postnatal depression

6) Your own mental and physical well being will improve with more sleep. Doctors agree that prolonged sleep deprivation is one of the main factors in triggering postnatal depression. A good night sleep will help you function and think better.

Sleep train your child to be a better and more patient parents

7) Some mommies cried when I visited them and quite often it’s because they are very sleep deprived and they are just at their wit’s end not knowing why their babies just won’t sleep. They would tell me that they feel bad and guilty about being grumpy, impatient and snap easily at their children and their husband. Now I personally don’t think you are failing because I have been there myself but sleep deprivation does make us have shorter fuse and we do blow up at the smallest things. Every time I hear success stories from my clients telling me that they feel much better now that their child is sleeping better and longer, it just warms my heart.

Sleep train your child to avoid stress in your marriage

8) Your marriage and family will grow stronger and perhaps bigger. Sleep deprivation and stress can really test any marriages. So many couples I have met feel their marriages are better and stronger after having taught their baby to sleep well and actually being able to prioritise themselves as a couple in the evening again. And perhaps you might even think of having another baby once you got your baby to be a competent and independent sleeper.

These are very important reasons on why you should get your child to sleep well. If you would like more personalised plan and more help in teaching your baby to sleep, please check out my sleep packages. I would love to help you and family get back your precious sleep. All the best and sleep well![/fusion_text]

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