Toddler Fighting Bedtime

Toddler Fighting You at Bedtime

Toddler fighting bedtime

Do you have a toddler fighting you at bedtime?

Here are some of our favourite tips to help ease the ‘crazy hour’ before bedtime! Read on!

1. Keep Things Fun!

Yes, we said it! Keep things FUN. We as parents often worry about getting our kids to bed fast and fear of the dreaded ‘overtiredness’ rage. However, if we add an element of ‘fun’ and “Something in it for them” it will make getting them through the bedtime process so much easier.

2. Create an ‘Hour of Power’ Dance Playlist

Start curating a special ‘hour before bedtime’ playlist. Use fun, dance, anthem like songs such as “Can’t stop the feeling” or “Happy” to get them dancing towards the bathroom after dinner, dancing towards their bedroom to get into their PJs…..think the ‘pied piper’ style – We guarantee you they’ll LOVE it!

3. Make Bedtime Fun!

It is a universal known fact that toddlers HATE getting changed. In fact, 9/10 toddlers we know dislike getting their control taken away from them and they want to be just like the ‘big kids’ and ‘adults’. Forcing them to do X, Y and Z before bedtime is not only boring but makes them feel like they are being controlled and automatically sends them into Godzilla mode trying to take that control back. *eek*

If you are struggling to get that pyjama pant on them, instead of fighting them…say “Fine, you don’t want to change. That’s alright I don’t blame you getting change is BORING. How about I wear it on my head then?”

Make.It.Fun and have a LAUGH!

4. Be Flexible!

If you’re used to a 8pm bedtime but you know your toddler has had a BIG day with NO nap, don’t stick to that….! Shift it as early as you can and move with your child

If your child isn’t hungry because they’ve had a big day and just wants to go to bed, don’t force it…give them a shower, then offer a piece of fruit or some milk and send them off to bed – sometimes sleep is more important than food 😊

5. Be Clear on Bedtime Expectations

It is your toddler’s job to test those boundaries but it is our roles as parents to set them and enforce them! It is not only OK but actually very loving to stick to the boundaries that you have set for them as this gives them a sense of security and comfort around what is expected of them when bedtime comes around!

Perhaps your sleep struggles might extend BEYOND just getting your little one to bed? Book in a FREE 20 Minute discover call we would love to help you get your peaceful nights back!

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