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5 Things To Do While Your Baby Is Napping

5 Things To Do While Your Baby Is Napping

Having time for yourself seems like leisure when you have a baby. Here are some PRODUCTIVE things you can do while your child is sleeping to make sure you spend your time wisely! 

1. Take a nap too if you’re exhausted.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you will be way more productive if you are not overtired. If you feel like taking a nap while your baby is sleeping, go for it!

2. Create a plan.

Think about the specific things you need or want to do in advance. Otherwise, you might spend more time & energy on things that are not meaningful. You can use a digital planner or an old school pen and paper.

3. Get some work or project done.

You’ll be able to be more focused when your child is sleeping. This is an excellent time to start or finish a home improvement project or complete any list that you’ve been putting off.

4. Exercise or Practice Yoga.

Try to sneak in a workout or yoga session while your newborn is sleeping. You’ll feel more energetic, focused, and healthy for the remainder of the day. After all, if you want to take care of your baby, you must take care of yourself first.

5. Do some light cleaning.

Take advantage of the time to do some minor cleaning such as tidying toys, dusting, sweeping, or wiping the counters.

We hope these suggestions help! What other things do you do to occupy your time when your baby is having a snooze?

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