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Teething is not the reason why your baby doesn’t sleep well


It is a myth that teething disrupts sleep. Teething always gets blamed when our babies are not sleeping well.
It’s not the main reason why they are not sleeping well. Usually, sleep associations and overtiredness are the real reasons why babies wake up multiple times at night.
I have discussed this subject with multiple parents some who are dentists and my own husband who is a dentist have confirmed teething does not disrupt sleep. Now do some kids get grumpier or fussier sometimes when they get teeth? Totally.
If you are concerned about your child’s teething, you can always give your child’s teething toys or teething gel during his wake time.
Follow your PD’s recommendation when it comes to teething but do not begin to assist your child to fall asleep.

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If you are still struggling with your baby’s sleep, don’t worry we’re always here to help. Book a discovery call with us and we can talk through your situation and suggest a personalised sleep solution for you.


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