Is sleep training bad for your child’s emotional and mental well-being

Is sleep training bad for your child’s emotional and mental well-being?

Is Sleep Training Bad For Your Child’s Emotional And Mental Well Being

The purpose of sleep training is to get our child to sleep well and through the night so they can get all the benefits of good quality sleep every single day and night.

So why would sleep training be considered bad for their emotional wellbeing? Generally, there’s a huge misconception that sleep training means you need to let your baby cry it out. It means you are going to put your baby in the cot, abandon your child, walk away, and let him or her cry it out without addressing their needs whatsoever.

Find out more on this video as I address most parents’ biggest fear about sleep training!

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute did a follow-up study to 225, 6 years old children who have been sleep trained and found out that there are no adverse side effects in using sleep-straining strategies on the children’s emotional and behavioral well-being.

Sleep training isn’t about letting your baby cry it out. It is about getting your child the right sleep environment, sleep plan, schedule and self-settling techniques.

I know no one likes hearing their baby crying, however, crying doesn’t mean your baby is being damaged each time they do it.

If you are still struggling with your baby’s sleep and ready to embark your baby sleep trainig book a discovery call with us and we can talk through your situation and suggest a personalised sleep solution for you.

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