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5 reasons why sleep sack is ideal for babies

sleep sack for babies

A sleep sack is a baby wearable blanket ( do not confused with a swaddle) that comes with a zipper up and you can use it for your babies for his nap time and bedtime. There are many things are not needed to buy for babies but a sleep sack is truly a good investment.

Here are the 5 reasons:

1. Prevent Injuries

AAP recommends using sleep sacks once your baby is able to roll, sleep sack is a safe alternative to loose blanket as it helps to reduce the risk of sleep related death. Typically, you can start using sleep sack when your child around 3-4 months. It helps to keep the sleep environment safe too.

2. Discourage crib climbing

Younger children especially toddlers do not have the cognitive ability and impulse control to stay in the bed all night long. This could only lead to bedtime battles and can be dangerous if they decide to climb out of the crib. Sleep sack can help to deter your child from lifting up their legs over the crib rail. However if your child knows how to unzip the sleep sack, try putting it on backwards so that they can’t reach the zipper at all.

3. Keep their temperature regulated

Your babies could not sleep well if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Baby sleep sack helps to regulate your baby’s temperature and ensuring your baby is comfortable and snuggly.

4. Positive sleep association

Sleep sack makes a wonderful part of your babies sleep routine as every baby thrive on routine. A consistent routine like, bath, putting on sleep sack , books can help your baby to know bedtime is near and he is looking forward to it!

5. Make sleep easier in a new environment

Sleep sack is easy to bring along while you are travelling with baby, when your baby recognised putting on the baby sleep sack as a signal to bedtime, it is much easier for your baby to settle in an unfamiliar environment.

Sleep sack is an ideal tool to help your child to sleep in a better sleep environment, however it does not magically solves your child’s sleep issues but it does aid in creating a positive outcome while you are cultivating good sleep habits for your child.

If you are still unsure on how to solve your child’s sleep issues, please book a non-obligatory 20 minutes call with us today!

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