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3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

sleep hygiene

Are you having difficulties falling asleep, experiencing frequent sleep disturbances or feeling sleepy during the day? These are some signs of poor sleep hygiene.

What is sleep hygiene and why is it important?

Sleep hygiene refers to habits, behaviours and environmental factors that affect your sleep and optimising your sleep hygiene puts you in the best position to getting quality sleep at night. After all, good sleep is vital for your health and overall quality of life.

Here are three ways to improve your sleep hygiene:

Have a consistent sleep and wake time

Try to sleep and wake at about the same time everyday as a fluctuating schedule can throw your body out of sync.

Block out light

Light has a huge impact on our body’s circadian rhythm. Use blackout curtains or an eye mask to prevent any disruption to your sleep.

Avoid having a late dinner

Eating too close to bedtime can make it more difficult for you to get into a restful state as your body is still working to digest food.

Hope these help you get better sleep at night! Need more help with your family’s sleep? Book your FREE 20-mins discovery call today.

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