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Sleep disturbance caused by eczema

Sleep Disturbance Caused By Eczema2

Sleep disturbance is a common complaint in children with eczema. To comfort our little ones as they itch and scratch, we parents use every single means available to assist them to rest, be it rocking, patting or even letting them lie on us to sleep.

Due to these sleep disruptions, children with eczema are found to have reduced quality of life and higher rates of behavioural and mood problems. Research has also indicated a close association between ADHD and children struggling with eczema and sleep problems.

However, can these sleep issues possibly be exacerbating your child’s eczema?

A review of more than 20 studies done in 2018 found that:

  1. Frequent night wakings can increase awareness of nocturnal itch, leading to more scratching
  2. Sleep loss also results in poorer regulation of our immune system, increasing levels of pro inflammatory cytokines
  3. Chronic sleep disturbances can cause chronic stress, thereby worsening pro inflammatory conditions such as eczema

Hence, rather than letting your little one struggle with eczema and sleep issues, get help from a dermatologist and sleep coach! Sleep is the foundation of our health and getting quality sleep is definitely vital in helping our precious child cope with health issues.

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