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Sleep Deprived Parents with Toddler On Their Way To Better Sleep

Sleep Deprived Parents With Toddler On Their Way To Better Sleep Web

It’s never too late for Nadya and Jack, my newest clients. They are both professors and parents of two little ones. They have been very sleep deprived for months actually years since their toddler is now 2.5 years old. They also have a 3 months old baby. I really admire them because even though they are so tired and sleep deprived they could still crack jokes and try to stay positive despite it all.

They engaged me for a Home Sleep Consultation for their toddler who has been waking up multiple times at night.  Other than sleep deprivation, baby’s safety is one of the concerns of parents when their child is waking up multiple times at night.

Right at the start when I was checking out their child’s sleep environment, they told me that they will do anything I would ask them to do.

I shared with them my 5 Steps Sleep System and told them their child’s bedtime was too late for a child who is already so overtired. Like a good student, she took down notes as I spoke and listened intently and asked questions when she was unsure.

Even though they have not started implementing my sleep program yet, I am 110% confident they will be one of my success stories as I love how teachable they both are and how committed they are in improving their child’s sleep issues. I even gave Nadya a big hug at the end because I saw she could use a warm embrace from another mother who could totally relate to what she’s going through when she was struggling with her sleep issues.

Bonus point: They couldn’t believe that I am a mother of 4 including teenagers and commented that I looked like just one of the uni students 🥰☺️ haha! I thanked them for making my day and I told them that’s what good sleep every night can do to you – making you look youthful each day! 😉

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