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How To Prioritise Sleep When Your Baby Is Sick

How To Prioritise Sleep When Your Baby Is Sick

Sleep is good medicine to help your child recover quickly, but being sick can cause sleep disruptions.

Here are some tips to help your baby’s sleep when they get sick! 😷

1. Maintain a consistent nap time and bedtime routine.

This will cue your baby’s brain that sleep is coming even when your child isn’t feeling well.

2. Allow more daytime sleep.

It is okay to let naps extend longer than normal when your baby is sick. Make sure to check on them frequently and wake them 2.5-3 hours for feedings to maintain hydration.

3. Camp out in baby’s room.

Instead of bringing them to your room, consider putting a mattress in your child’s room for you to sleep on. Babies sleep better in their normal environment.

4. It’s okay to give extra help.

Your child might need more support than usual to fall asleep. Give your little one some snuggles to get them to sleep while sick.

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