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Sleep and sickness – should I still sleep train my child if they are going to be sick anyway?

sleep and sickness

Why would you sleep train if you know kids will fall sick and it disrupts sleep? 

Yes, infant care, school, seasons changing will often mean that sickness may inadvertently disrupt sleep however that doesn’t mean we don’t provide our children the opportunity to have a great, deep and restorative sleep.

When illness hits, give out as many cuddles as your child needs! We never for one would ask you to withhold cuddles when your child is ill!

What can you do though if your child does end up falling sick and you end up with night wakes or a child that is unable to go to sleep on their own? 

Follow on for the below steps:

  1. Try and jump back into routine as soon as you can! 

Once your child seems to be on the mend, there is nothing stopping you from jumping straight back to your regular routine! The sooner you get back to your usual, the easier to slip right back in!

  1. Be aware of your child’s age-appropriate wake windows 

After a bout of illness, there is a likelihood that your child’s wake window may have decreased as being ill can be tiring. Decrease your child’s regular wake windows 

  1. Start to put your child down for sleep on their own again!

If your child has previously slept independently but after a bout of illness, may have stopped or night wakings may have started. When your child has recovered, start your sleep training plan again and you will be back on track in no time!

Need some help in getting a routine started? Not too sure how to begin? Book in a FREE 20min discovery call and let us help you end your sleep struggles now! 

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