Reduce Stress with Self-care

5 tips to reduce stress with self-care

5 Tips To Reduce Stress With Self Care

Here are 5 tips to reduce stress this new year!

Here are 5 tips to reduce stress this new year!

Tip #1 Make Healthy Choices (Most of the Time)

You don’t have to restrict yourself from eating what you want, but make sure to watch your portion sizes. Too much sugar, salt, fat, etc. can impact your motivation, mood & energy. Indulge in moderation.

Tip #2 Ditch the Perfection Mentality

Perfection doesn’t exist & chasing it will only make you crazy. Be okay with having an authentic “good enough” habits and you’ll end up enjoying it a lot more. Progression not perfection

Tip #3 Stay Hydrated

We tend to underestimate the importance of water intake & forget to hydrate when we’re busy. Dehydration can take a toll on your body & make you feel crummy. Water helps to boost energy & flushes out toxins from your system.

Tip #4 Take your Vitamins

With the pandemic, it is more important to take vitamins everyday, especially when you’re busy. Vitamins can give your immune system an extra boost when it needs it most.

Tip #5 Recite Affirmations

Affirmations are another great way to center yourself, & align with your intention for how you want to feel & show up for yourself.

Pick some positive statements that aligns with your desired state.

What are your other ways to reduce stress? Let us know in the comments!

If you are struggling with insomnia that is due to stress don’t worry I am here to help. Visit my website and book a discovery call with me and we can talk through your situation and suggest a personalised sleep solution for you.

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