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Parenting talk on teenage self confidence

Peaceful Sleep

Last Saturday, I gave a parenting talk on how parents can help develop confidence in teenagers during a secondary school’s Open Day. I was really excited to share my passion for parenting with other parents out there and to empower them in their lifelong journey of parenthood. I emphasised to the parents that we are not raising children but we ARE RAISING ADULTS. That’s right, as parents we have to give our teenagers the opportunity to grow and make their own decisions. We are there to guide them but ultimately, they need to choose their own paths. If as parents, we keep treating them like a little child, they will never learn to be independent and grow up confidently into their adulthood. It’s important that we help them instil self confidence as this is a crucial life skill.

There is a saying that I once heard which I like, “Many parents prepare the road for the child but few will prepare the child for the road.

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