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Overstimulation during holidays can affect your baby’s sleep

Overstimulation During Holidays Can Affect Your Baby's Sleep

Did you know that over the holidays, overstimulation may be one of the reasons your child is not sleeping well?

How your little one handles stimulation mostly depends on their age and also their temperament. ⁣

For example, a newborn can’t be stimulated too much otherwise they will get too overtired and will start to fight sleep. They can only be awake for like 45 mins to 60 mins before they need to be put down to sleep. ⁣

For a 6 months old they can be awake for around 2 hours before they need to go down for naps/bedtime.

If your child starts to exhibit sleepy cues such as rubbing eyes, ears and eyes are less focused, eyelids drooping…then you should put your child down to bed to sleep! By the time they start fussing and crying, it means it’s already too late and they are getting too much stimulation and overtired!⁣

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The skill to sleep well is one of the best gifts parents can give to their children.

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