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Roxanne With Baby
Roxanne Gan
Newborn Sleep Training Testimonial
Newborn Sleep Training Testimonial

Kendrick and Cheryl, Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Programme when their baby was 3 months old

Carys - Newborn Sleep Success Story
Prior to getting to know you (Tze Teng), my 8 week old baby (then) was unable to sleep well. He only wanted to be carried to sleep and was always cranky and fussy. He was not feeding well (fussy at the boobs, crying during feeding time) as well. He was only able to sleep on his cot at night but for only 2-3 hours stretch. You helped me to see that it was because he was overtired. It was through your guidance that I was able to establish a routine and slowly help him to learn how to self settle.

I remember that it was extremely tough on me at the beginning (emotionally and mentally). And at those times, you cheered me up and assured me that I could do it. I always felt much better and in higher spirits to keep on going! Within 2 weeks, I could see that Damien had improved a lot and did not require me to assist him in his sleep anymore.

Thank you for checking in on me and being my cheerleader. Thank you for keeping me sane. Thank you for guiding me along so I can have more time for myself. I am truly truly grateful that we have crossed paths. I feel like I have gained a new friend!

Keep doing what you’re doing and I hope more families will be able to benefit from you just like mine did!

Joined Sleep Baby Sleep coaching program when their baby was 8 weeks old
I believe this is the best investment as there is nothing more important for a child to have a healthy sleep routine. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to work with Sara from Sleep Supernanny. As my daughter was only 3 months old, Sara suggested to take gentler steps for sleep training and walked me through how to build a routine in place to help Alethea learn to fall asleep on her own. Sara listened attentively to all my concerns and made a customised plan for Alethea. Within a month, she is now taking longer naps and goes down easily and happily to bed! The consultation has also helped me to better understand why babies behave the way they do and I am now more confident in the care of my daughter. I definitely recommend Sleep Supernanny to anyone struggling with their little one’s sleep and nap schedule!
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Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep programme when her child was 3 months old.
En En
We would like to extend our gratitude to Tze Teng, for journeying with us and baby Oliver through the training period. At 9 weeks, we noticed Oliver took erratic naps during the day and was also heavily reliant on the pacifier which was introduced to him by our nanny during the confinement period. We had read up quite a lot on sleep training, but we did not know how to use all the information. Although we tried getting him to nap using information on wake times that we had acquired on the Web, he fought naps, and even with the pacifier, he could only take catnaps and would wake up once the pacifier dislodged. We were at our wits' end on how to help him. We are so glad we engaged the help of Tze Teng, who so kindly and patiently guided us through. Through Tze Teng we finally understood sleep is not always perfect, but there are principles to ensure sleep is as good as it can be.

We realised that at 9 weeks, Oliver was not developmentally ready to take long naps yet and that was completely normal (we were pulling our hair out wondering why he kept catnapping!), but we also trained him to practise self-settling where possible. As he turned 3 months old, because he already had the skill to self settle, we could slowly wean off the pacifier.

Now, Oliver knows when it is naptime and bedtime and would go down with minimal protest. He is able to self settle most of the time and fall asleep on his own! He can also take longer naps and can even sleep through the night now! So that after his bedtime, I even have time to do what I want and have some time to resume the hobbies I enjoyed before Most importantly, as he experienced growth spurts along the way, he sometimes had early wakes in the night, but he is able to fall back asleep without crying and without our help! That is the most amazing part.

We are so grateful to Tze Teng for arming us with the necessary knowledge and teaching us to help Oliver sleep better. He is now a happy and active baby who knows when it is playtime and when it is bedtime! It was not an easy journey, but Tze Teng went through the good and bad with us, and was so encouraging along the way (which was so helpful to my hormonal post-partum self. Thank you Tze Teng!
En En and Yong Kang
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep coaching program when their baby was 3 months old
Jasmine Soh- Baby Sleep Training Success Story
Sherie Wong
Tze Teng Ss Cheryl Ng 3 Months
Serena Wu
Jessica Wan
Attending Huimin’s newborn sleep course while pregnant gave me the confidence as a first time mum to feel prepared for the 4th trimester (which i was so scared of!) Huimin gave us foundational knowledge on what habits to implement since day one and life-saving settling techniques which have saved my sanity so many times this first month of being a mum! Huimin is also so easily contactable and has answered my many questions during this time.

Can’t thank you enough Huimin Wong Sulung.
Diana Loo
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Program
Debbie's Son
We engaged Tze Teng to help us navigate through sleep training our 3.5 month old baby. Before sleep training, our 3.5 month old always needed us to rock him and hold him to sleep. Whenever he falls asleep, he will wake up soon after we place him in the cot. Naps were always 30 min-45min and most naps he would wake up crying. Night time sleep, he would wake up every 3-4 hours, sometimes he would wake up at 4am and unable to go back to sleep even with rocking. Naptimes and bedtime were a challenge which caused much stress and anxiety.

Tze Teng was very patient in educating us on sleep science, answering questions we still had in our minds despite reading up on sleep training previously. We had the knowledge on how to carry it out but was afraid we could not carry it out in the correct way as per all the books/websites said.

Through this learning experience we understood why we should always pause before approaching to help baby. Especially if we are in tune to whether baby has been fed, burped, diaper changed, the crying before sleep was simply a signal that he was overtired/trying to fall asleep by himself.

Tze Teng would always try to reply us ASAP when we were unsure of when to step in to assist/soothe baby, and always reminded us that our goal was for baby to learn a skill.

She was always our cheerleader, encouraging us to remember that helping baby with learning how to fall asleep/connect his naps, we should look out for progress (no matter how small) instead of perfection as each baby is an individual with his/her pace for learning the skill. Indeed, as she is guiding us instead of "training" baby for us, we are more confident in helping baby to sleep better even without her help.

Now, baby falls asleep independently after our bedtime/naptime routine without us assisting him in anyway. Even when he was learning to flip over, despite the learning of the new skill causing him some frustration, he still managed to showcase his skill of falling asleep on his own. Our baby now mostly sleeps from 7pm till 7am with 0-1 night waking (we were so surprised that he was sleeping with only 1 night waking on the 2nd night).

Naps are usually 45min-1hr due to noise from nearby construction, but he has shown great promise in connecting his sleep cycles! On days without construction going on, he is able to nap for 2hrs straight!

We really want to thank Tze Teng for wholeheartedly and sincerely trying to help us through this process. We can now have peaceful meals, evenings spent with our toddler without feeling anxious about when we have to rock baby back to sleep again. Even baby's grandparents were amazed at the change within 2 weeks.

Best of all, baby wakes up happy and ready to interact with us! Thank you Tze Teng!
Debbie, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 3 months old
Sabrina Review Fb
Agnes Chua 6 Weeks Fb Review

Ally’s Success Story

Joined Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her newborn baby was 12 weeks old

I was at my wits’ end when my then eight-week-old daughter could only take her naps on me. We would spend 1-2 hours rocking her at night so that she could sleep for another hour or two, before waking up crying again. On some days, it seemed like she was so hungry so I kept on latching her, only to have her vomit out the milk while crying endlessly — we checked her temperature and she was completely fine, and her diaper output was normal. We tried everything for weeks — pacifier (she rejected all), swaddle (her hands would escape, or she would wake up from trying to escape it), white noise machine (seems to have no impact), a dark and cool room.

So I started researching and reading up on baby sleep, and attempted to try practicing good sleeping habits. But nothing seemed to work! I spoke to a couple of friends who then told me i could only try “sleep training” when my daughter was about four months. It meant that I had to wait for two months more but the lack of sleep was getting too much for me to handle.

So I googled “sleep consultant”, contacted several and decided to go with Zoe after a quick phone call. She was very calm and supportive on the phone, and I felt reassured that we can work something out so that my daughter can get the rest she truly needs, and that I could take a break too. A well rested mom is so important!

Zoe came over within a couple of days for our home consultation and brought us through the whole process. We started laying down the good sleep habits and keeping to it consistently.

We tried applying what Zoe taught us and by the third night she was going down without a peep! The best part about the sleep was not so much the hours, but how she woke up absolutely chatty and smiley 🙂 This is definitely worth it. Thanks Zoe for being such a great support system and for guiding us through this sleep journey.
Sufina, Mom of 1, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was 8 weeks old
“Zoe is truly the sleep guru.

We first engaged her help for our 6 month old daughter, who was waking 5 to 6 times every night from 4 to 6 months old, back in 2019. Everyone was saying her frequent waking was due to her teething. She was also napping a grand total of 30 minutes daily though she was still so young! A google search and I found out about Zoe.

At first, we were skeptical about the effectiveness of sleep training and given that it was a huge sum of money, we were hesitant about it. However, I was desperate as I was falling sick every month due to the lack of sleep. The lack of rest also made me cranky and short tempered. Hence, we decided to try.

It was truly the best decision we every made and money really well spent. My daughter was sleeping through the night by the 2nd night and had at least 1 full nap two weeks later. As time went along, she was eating and learning very well due to having quality sleep.

With this, we understood the importance of good sleep habits in our kids and decided to get Zoe to guide us again for our newborn. Within 3 days, our son was able to self settle and sleep on his own. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of him treating me as a human pacifier and having poor sleep habits.

Zoe is really experienced and is always confident when answering any of our questions. Is your child sleeping poorly? Getting Zoe’s help is the best choice you can ever make! Thanks for all your help Zoe!

Alicia, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program twice when her first baby was 6 months old and
second baby was 3 weeks old
“I remembered I approached Zoe when my baby was about 8 weeks old and we decided to engage her. In 1 week plus we saw amazing improvements in his sleep from waking up every 2-3 hours, he was able to sleep longer stretches from about 5-6 hours, then 8 – 9 hours and finally at just 2 months old he was sleeping through the night 10-12 hours.

I am really thankful to Zoe for her guidance and advice which is so crucial as I implement her 5 steps system. When she came to my home she also checked out my baby’s sleep environment and suggested ways to improve it.”
Jesvin, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Training program when her baby was 8 weeks old
I get so much more rest and I feel more confident in handling her now. I was struggling so much previously and it led to many unhappiness within the family. We always believe in knowledge of sleep science and it really help us to recognise her cues and knowing what to do when she cry. Thank you so much!
Faith Wong, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep program when her baby was
just 5 weeks old.
“I was tired and depressed. My son used to require me to cuddle him for naps otherwise he will sleeps for only less than 30 mins and wakes up super upset. He required rocking and carrying to fall asleep all the time.

After joining Sleep Baby Sleep program, my son is able to fall asleep independently and has been sleeping through the night for 9-11 hours. For his naps, while he’s able to fall asleep independently, he is still learning how to connect sleep cycles and there are good days and bad.

Zoe is easy to speak to and will be able to help with your child’s sleep issues.
Sheryl, Singapore
Joined Sleep Baby Sleep Training program when her baby was 8 weeks old
I remember sharing with you that she fed poorly and was always crying and fussing but that changed after she was sleep trained. She’s such a happy baby now and I’m enjoying motherhood so much more!
Jean Sg Supernanny 2
Jean, happy mother of 1 - Singapore
Joined VIP Package SBS Program when her baby was 6 weeks old.
I feel very happy and empowered to be able to handle my twins on my own!!!!! And most people can hardly believe that I even have time for my own naps/ Netflix time/ meals! And the fact that my babies can also sleep through…my husband and I get to spend quality time catching up with each other over dinner and more Netflix haha!
Yiqi Testi 150x150
Yiqi, Mommy of Twins - Singapore
Joined SBS Program when her twins were 6 weeks old.

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