Baby sleep consultant helps newborn baby sleep well

Newborn Baby Woke Up Happy After Engaging a Baby Sleep Consultant – Baby Sleep Testimonial

New Born Baby Woke Up Happy After Engaging A Baby Sleep Consultant

After consulting Zoe, an expert sleep consultant, the baby and us were able to sleep much better.

I was at my wits’ end when my new-born daughter could only take naps on me. We would spend one to two hours rocking her at night just for her to sleep an hour or two before she woke up crying again. On some days it seemed like she was so hungry so I kept on latching her, only to have her vomit out the milk while crying endlessly — we checked her temperature and she was completely fine, and her diaper output was normal. We tried everything for weeks — pacifier, swaddle, white noise machine and a dark and cool room. I even started researching and reading up on baby sleep and practised good sleeping habits, but nothing seemed to work!

I spoke to friends who told me I could only try “sleep training” with a sleep consultant when my daughter was about four months. This meant that I had to wait for two more months, but the sleep deprivation was getting too much to handle. So, I googled “sleep consultant”, contacted several and decided to go with Zoe after a quick phone call. She was very calm and supportive on the phone. I feel reassured that we can work something out for my daughter to get the rest that she needs. This meant that I could take a break too. A well-rested mom is so important!

Zoe came over within a couple of days for our home consultation and brought us through the whole process. We started laying down the good sleep habits and keeping to it consistently.

For her first night sleep, our daughter cried for a while before she fell asleep until her next feed! The next day it was just a ten-minute grizzle before she fell asleep on her own. By the third night, she was going down without a peep!

The best part about the sleep was not the hours, but how she woke up chatty and smiley.

Even with the mental leaps and growth spurts, my girl could put herself to sleep with little to no grizzle. The fourth-month sleep regression should be upon us soon. We are certain that she will be able to put herself to sleep when the time comes. Fingers crossed!

Just to add — our daughter came down with a fever after her immunization jabs. She was crankier, but she was still able to sleep through the night! We’re getting about 6-8 hour stretches before she wakes up for a feed, and then goes back down for another 4-6 hours after sucking her hands as her chosen self-settling method.

Thanks, Zoe, for being such a great support system, and for guiding us through this sleep journey. 

– Mother of an 8-week-old newborn

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