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New Year’s Resolutions as Parents

4 Month Sleep Regression

2014 is almost here. What are your new year’s resolutions? What do you want to do in the new year as parents? If you have plans for 2014, I do urge you to write it down so that you remember and be more committed to achieving those goals.

As a parenting coach, I hope I can reach out to more parents who are having some tough challenges with their children. I hope that parents who have yet to get a good night sleep, will be able to do so through proper sleep training for their kids. If your kids are misbehaving and you are at your wit’s end, then I hope you will find someone to talk to about it. Parenting is a tough journey. You shouldn’t need to do it alone.

Personally as a parent, I hope to spend more one on one time with my kids. It’s called the mind, body and soul time. Spending time with our kids builds emotional connections, reduce misbehavior and kids become more willing to cooperate. Try it out 10 minutes a day with your child and see the difference.

Here’s to a blessed and wonderful 2014 to all parents out there. A happy and healthy family begins at home with you.

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