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My Thoughts On Life Beyond Grades

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My twins Brayden and Dylan are sitting for PSLE in less than 2 weeks time. As a mom, I constantly tell them to work hard and put in their best efforts. I believe in the value of hard work – to me grades are not what define them. What I care ultimately is the values that they embrace in their lives. What defined them is whether they have been kind, patient, generous, thoughtful and have they been considerate to other people’s feelings.

I am constantly hearing comments by my family, friends or random strangers – wow must be a stressful year for you. Well to be honest – I am not the kind of Mom who would sit down next to them to teach them their homework. Of course I am more than happy to help if they have any questions but most of the time I believe in teaching them independence. My kids know that if they need help, mommy and daddy would be more than happy to help. But just don’t expect us to hold their hands all the time. Sooner or later we need to learn to let go so that they can take their own initiatives towards creating their own paths to success.

I was a straight A’s student all my life from primary school all the way to university. I even got a Masters in Commerce and Management. But grades did not bring me to where I am today as a Baby and Child Sleep Expert, Author and Parenting Speaker. Hard work and perseverance did.

In fact I truly agreed with what Jack Ma said – Better to score B’s so you can actually have time for other life’s skills.

I could have been a much better badminton player if I wasn’t a bookworm. 😅

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