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How a lovey or comfort toy can help your baby sleep better

Lovey Comfort Toy Baby Sleep

A lovey is a special blanket or stuffed animal that helps comfort your little one when you’re not around.

The idea behind what makes them so special is that they’ve been there for every milestone in your child’s life, literally from day one. They remind them of being held by their mommy or daddy while they were just learning how to crawl and walk, because we all know how wonderful it feels!

Calms baby down

When a baby is anxious or stressed out, it can be difficult for them to fall asleep. Often, this can happen when they’re in a new environment and are unsure of where they are or who is with them. As a result, the lovey helps calm down your child by giving him something familiar to focus on.

Provides security and comfort

A lovey can help reduce anxiety in your baby by providing them a safe and secure reminder to comfort them. This blanket or toy that smells like mum and dad can go a long way toward helping them feel secure at night in their cot. Make the lovey part of your baby’s bedtime routine and provide that familiarity and comfort to them.

Helps with sleep

Since a lovey can help foster a sense of safety and security for your baby it makes them feel relaxed and confident. Babies need to do this in order to learn how to self-soothe and sleep independently.

A lovey can also help babies learn to self-soothe by providing a physical object they can hold to sleep. Some babies or toddlers love to hold, smell and hug their favourite comfort toy while they sleep. This familiar and predictable comfort toy gives them a great sense of security which will allow strong attachment to form and assist them to sleep after.

Helping our children foster a strong sense of attachment to their cot and comfort sleep toy will give them the peace to relax and drift off comfortably to sleep independently!

We hope this article has helped you understand how a lovey can make your baby’s nights more restful. Just keep in mind, a lovey is just one of the components of sleep training.

If your sleep struggles go beyond just introducing a sleep toy to your baby and you want to learn more about getting your child to sleep, consider booking a free 20-minute discovery call with us. We’d love to help you get your peaceful nights back!

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