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Life of a Mommy with a 1.5-month-old Twins Before and After Engaging a Baby Sleep Consultant

Yiqi Twins

Q&A with Yiqi, a mommy of 1.5-month-old twins who was worried on how to cope up handling their twins when their nanny left.

What was your life like before you found Zoe, SG Supernanny?

We engaged Zoe when our twin babies were about 1.5 months old. We were worried about how we were going to cope after the confinement nanny left. There was no nap schedule, and the babies always had to be rocked to sleep. They were not napping well and they were also waking up a lot during the night. We didn’t want to get a helper, so we knew we needed a plan that can help me cope with the twins alone.

What was your main concern about engaging Zoe?

It wasn’t cheap (I paid for the twins home sleep package) but we thought that if it can really work, we wouldn’t mind paying for it. Also, the judging comments from friends/relatives when we decided to sleep train them. It wasn’t easy… and when the babies protested and cried, we doubted ourselves as well.

What is life like after engaging Zoe?

It wasn’t easy initially but after weeks of learning to spot sleepy cues and enduring their protesting cries, and having Zoe answering our queries via WhatsApp when we were having a hard time, our babies managed to learn to self-soothe. We’ve been dutifully following the recommended schedule, and they have now turned 5 months old! They are now able to fall asleep on their own, so long as we put them into their own cots once they start to get sleepy. We’ve also shared how this works with our friends/relatives when they come and visit. And they are usually very surprised and impressed to see how easily the twins are able to fall asleep on their own, without rocking or nursing.

If you were to recommend Zoe to your best friend, what would you say?

It’s expensive, but it’s worth every dollar. Stand your ground (try to educate your friends/family when they visit) and stick through the toughest weeks, and then you will see the results! Don’t give up!

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about engaging Zoe?

I feel very happy and empowered to be able to handle my twins on my own!!!!! And most people can hardly believe that I even have time for my own naps/ Netflix time/ meals! And the fact that my babies can also sleep through…my husband and I get to spend quality time catching up with each other over dinner and more Netflix haha!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Just, thank you Zoe!!


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