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Is your child falling sick frequently?

Is Your Child Falling Sick Frequently

As parents, our greatest wish is for our child to be healthy. However, falling sick is part and parcel of growing up. This doesn’t stop us from worrying when our child is unwell and we never fail to fret as we watch our baby or toddler suffering from the discomfort of a flu. This anxiety is even greater during the current pandemic, with more strains of Covid being discovered, each one seeming more contagious.

How does sleep actually affect our immunity? 

Do you know that your child may be ill more frequently and for a longer duration if he/she is having insufficient sleep and sleeping poorly? 

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation:

  1. Reduces the number and activity of protective immune cells
  2. Stimulate immunosuppressive mechanisms
  3. Produces a pro-inflammatory response

A proper vaccination response is also prevented in a sleep deprived state. Research has indicated lower of antibodies in those immunised against Influenza A virus as compared to those immunised without sleep deprivation.  

Is Your Child Falling Sick Frequently

Is my child having sufficient sleep? 

Your child is likely not having sufficient sleep if he/she falls below the sleep durations recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Hence, you may find your baby or toddler particularly susceptible to infectious diseases.

All these shows how important it is for your child to be having enough sleep! Fostering good sleeping habits for your child is the best investment you can make for your child’s health.

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