Introducing The Sleep Supernanny Dream Team - Sleep Supernanny

Introducing The Sleep Supernanny Dream Team

Sleep Supernanny Dream Team

Another exciting news that I would like to share is that I have officially recruited my first amazing and lovely dream team sleep consultant.

Let me introduce you to Tze Teng or TT.

I first met TT in Sept 2017 during my home consultation visit when her baby was just 6 months old. I remembered her being very tired and sleep deprived due to her daughter waking up multiple times at night and catnapping all day long. After our consultation, by night 2 – her baby was able to sleep through the night and learned to have solid naps by day 4.

Of course she was amazed by the results and so relieved to see her daughter sleeping well and everyone in the family getting back their precious sleep.

We kept in touch as she was new to Singapore and I shared with her some local tips and insights.

Sleep Supernanny Dream Team

Her passion to help babies sleep better grew when her friends and families started asking her for advice on how she got her girl to sleep so well.

Not wanting to go back to her full time banking job, she approached me eventually to see if I would be willing to train and mentor her. 

Today, I want to introduce to you my awesome dream team sleep consultant, Tze Teng!

She is wonderfully kind, compassionate and incredibly thoughtful and I am proud to have her in my team! 

Together we will empower more tired and sleep deprived families out there using the Sleep Supernanny way! 

You can book your 20 mins discovery call with her now on this link.

Thank you for your trust and support for the Sleep Supernanny team! We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

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