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Introducing the Newest Sleep Supernanny Dream Team!

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I love what I do and I do what I love! And I am glad to have these awesome mommies join me in my mission to empower 1 million tired and sleep deprived families. Alone I can only do so much, together we can go further!

I am super proud to announce that I have expanded my Sleep Supernanny Dream Team.

Some of you may know Tze Teng who is my first Dream Team consultant.

Now I have added two more amazing moms to the mix!

Please allow me to introduce Alicia who is based in Singapore and Huimin who lives in Melbourne, Australia! (Yay! Sleep Supernanny has expanded DOWN UNDER too Woohoo! Cheers to more Zzzs!)

Alicia is a wonderful mom of two who used to be one of my clients. She is a trained physiotherapist. She engaged me for her first baby when her girl was 6 months old. After getting her girl to sleep so well and through the night – she again engaged me right after she gave birth to her son 3 years later.

After getting both her kids sleeping so well, she became really passionate about sleep and wanted to empower more tired families to enjoy the same quality of life she gets to have with her family with better quality sleep.

So I am super pleased to have Alicia on board as my second dream team sleep consultant!

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Dream Team: Alicia

Hi! I am Alicia. I’m a huge huge believer that happiness consists of getting enough sleep (Yes, it’s possible even though I have a baby and a toddler!)

The third dream team consultant I would like to introduce is Huimin! 

She’s a lovely and bubbly mom of 1 who struggled with her baby boy not sleeping well. 

She started seeking help by getting online information but finally decided to engage a sleep consultant in OZ. That experience really transformed her life around and she truly believe in the beauty of sleep training and hiring a sleep coach to get the results much quicker rather than figuring out on her own.

She followed me on IG for a while after being introduced to me by one of my former clients who is one of her good friends. She DM me on IG one fine day and asked if I am recruiting and the rest is history!

I am mighty proud to have my DREAM TEAM expanded beyond Singapore and together we are really looking forward to empower more tired and sleep deprived families all over the world using the Sleep Supernanny’s 5 steps Sleep Baby Sleep system.

Humin Edited 1

Dream Team: Huimin

Hi! I am Huimin. I’m married to Ben and together we have our toddler aka tornado Elliot! I feel very blessed to have experienced one of the best gifts from God – parenthood.

All of my Dream Team is part of my mentorship program and I am constantly guiding and overseeing their progress and success.

I want to ensure regardless of who supports you in your sleep training journey, you will get the same amazing results!

If you have been struggling with your child’s sleep problems for the longest time, take this as a sign that it’s time to end your struggles and get back control of your life. It starts with better sleep for you and your family!

As always rooting for you!

Zoe Chu

Your Sleep Supernanny

P.S. Remember to live, love, laugh and sleep well because only with good sleep you can have it all!

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