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Create an ideal sleep environment for your child

Ideal Sleep Environment

One of the most important ingredients for good sleep is to create a conducive and comfortable sleep environment for your child. Here are some tips on everything you will need to create a snooze haven for your little ones. 

Step 1 – Keep the room dark 

Do you know that our bodies sense the smallest amount of light even when our eyes are closed? We strongly encourage parents to invest in blackout curtains to block any incoming lights as lesser light pollution will increase the production of melatonin and ease the entry of falling and staying asleep. 

Step 2Keep the room simple & safe

Say bye-bye to cot mobiles and stop filling your child’s crib with lots of stuffed toys. It looks adorable and cute but all this simple and extra stuff can be distracting and overstimulating for your child, and the last thing you want to deal with is an overstimulated child! 

Step 3Keep the room cool

The ideal temperature of the room should be around 24-26 degrees Celcius. The best way to gauge your child’s comfort level is to consider how we feel in the room. Do not overdress your child as it can be a safety hazard and can put them at risk of overheating. In order to keep your baby cozy and not too warm, a sleep sack is highly recommended and there are different types of materials that suit your baby. 

Step 4 Keep it quiet… (but not silent) 

It is fine to keep your child to get used to a little bit of background noise in the household, as long as it is not a sudden loud noise that may wake your child easily from his sleep.

If your house surroundings are noisy (ie, frequent overhead jet plane, ongoing construction, or a major house renovation), parents can consider putting a white noise machine in the room, it does help to muffle other sounds. However, please do not place the white noise machine too near to the child’s crib as recent studies suggest that it may do some harm to your child’s hearing.

If you tried these steps and still have baby sleep issues feel free to book a call with one of our DREAM TEAM for us to learn more about your child’s sleep habits and what you want to achieve with our help.

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