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How to teach your child to sleep substantially better?

How to teach your child to sleep substantially better

Are you feeling sleepy? Exhausted? All parents will want yourself and your child to have more sleep and sleep better. Please do not get discouraged, forget about the doom and gloom you probably heard about how all new parents should become sleep-deprived zombies. Read these 3 short tips to help your child become a better sleeper!

1.Recognise your child sleepy cues.

The most common mistake that parents made is not recognising their baby’s sleepy cues. Sleepy cues are early warning signs to start letting your child settle to sleep and it’s more likely for your child to have good sleep if you caught it correctly.If your child becomes overtired because you have overlook his tired signs, do expect him to have difficulty to fall asleep and stay asleep for long.

2.  Early Bedtime

We do understand that busy working parents will like to spend some time with their children especially in the evening. However, we encourage parents to attempt to bring bedtime earlier in a small increments of 20-30 mins. For example, if your child started showing sleepy cues at 7 pm but the best you can do is 8pm, this is still much better than putting your child down at 9pm. Dealing with a severely overtired child is stressful for everyone! If your child is much more well rested, you can enjoy a quick morning play time with your little ones!

3. Think about sleep environment

A very common reason as to why your baby’s sleep is because of the distractions surrounding your child’s sleep. A bright, cluttered, busy room may work for your newborn but as they grow older, you may notice your baby is easily distracted by everything around them, even the slightest move of your room’s ceiling fan!What you can do is always try to darken your child’s room with blackout curtains, add some white noise or cool the room temperature. These will be a great solutions for your child to lengthen his/her sleep.

Feel like you need help to manage you little one’s sleep? Please do not be afraid to reach out to us if you need support to navigate through your child’s sleep. Book a non-obligatory 20-mins discovery call with us today!

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