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How To Convince Your Husband
About Sleep Training

Okay I am in!
But how do I convince my husband?

I really want to join your Sleep Baby Sleep Program! How can I convince my spouse?

I totally understand the concerns your spouse may have. It’s really important to have the support of your loved ones as you go through this sleep program. Let’s talk through the common concerns they may raise up:

Here is an article I have written about how to talk to your husband as well if he doesn’t agree with sleep training. I have a very comprehensive FAQs page if this page is still not enough.

1. Who is this SG Supernanny or Sleep Supernanny?  What is her Sleep Baby Sleep program about?

Zoe Chu is a renowned baby and adult sleep expert, author of the book Sleep Baby Sleep! and a speaker in many events. Her work has also been featured in various medias such as Sunday Times, Channel News Asia, Mother & Baby and even Mindvalley – the world renowned personal growth company! She has also worked with many well known reputable brands such as Hegen, Nestle, Drypers, Motherswork and many more. 

She is also a mother of 4 kids including a set of twins and she got into this sleep business because her twins were not sleeping well at all and she can relate to the struggles of most tired and sleep deprived moms being an ex-mombie herself. She truly believes that every child is capable of being a good sleeper, they just need to embrace healthy sleep habits.

And she has been in this sleep business for more than 8 years and she is still loving it! Why?

Because every time a mom tells her, “Thank you so much Zoe for giving me my life back! I am much happier, I enjoy spending time with my baby and I even have time for my husband and my older kids!” She feels that her work gives her a lot of joy and makes her life more fulfilling.

Her mission is to empower all the tired and struggling families out there that they too can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights and get back their precious sleep through her simple and proven 5 steps baby sleep system.

Her Sleep Baby Sleep Program has this 5 steps system that’s simple to understand and easy to follow. It’s proven to work and we will get our success story too if we follow through them consistently.

2. Will this Sleep Baby Sleep program work on our little one? He or she is the most stubborn child in the world!

Yes, Zoe has helped thousands of families all over the world (mostly in Singapore) for the past 8 years and while every family and child are unique, there are often common elements that we can learn from which is why Zoe has so many success stories on her website. You can check it out here.

3. What is her sleep philosophy?

She believes in helping families in the way that suits them the best. She only offer solutions that we feel most comfortable with. Having said that she also believe in being realistic and honest – sleep training takes time, commitment, hard work and doesn’t happen overnight.

She wants to work with us so that we will come out feeling confident and ready to tackle any sleep challenges we might be having.

4. Does her method involve crying it out?

One of the things that holds a lot of parents back from making change around their child’s sleep habits is the idea of leaving their child alone to figure this out.

This is what most people call cry it out (CIO) approach, means you leave your child to cry and hope they fall asleep.

First of all, Zoe will never ask us to do things we are not comfortable with doing.

She has a 5 steps system and you need to follow all 5 steps to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep program has a method where we can stay in the room with our child.

So we can be there, and we can be the cheerleader and the support system and we can sit on the sidelines and kinda help our baby and cheer him on as he figures out some new strategies, but beyond that there’s not a lot we can do, because it’s about skill development.

It’s about learning something new. And we can’t learn it for our child. He’s gotta do that part on his own.

That being said, Zoe said we should make peace with the fact that when changing a habit that our child is so used to, there will be some crying involved due to either protest or overtiredness.

If our child can speak, they will tell us “Mommy! Daddy! please rock me to sleep, or Mommy please nurse me to sleep like you have always been doing.” Since our baby can’t talk yet, they will cry instead.

Zoe will teach us how to implement an age appropriate routine/schedule so we can distinguish our child’s crying. Right now we are frustrated and wondering why our child is crying all the time and refusing to sleep even though he seems so tired or cranky…

If our child is crying because of tiredness we wouldn’t want to respond to the cry by feeding him. That’s not the right response. Letting him sleep instead should be the right thing to do.

Zoe said there will come a beautiful day our child will happily go to sleep without protest and wake up happy and well rested!

The whole reason why we are doing this my dear, is so our precious baby will cry less and sleep more and overall be a happier well rested child! And I will be happier too because I get to see my baby smiling more!

Happy wife, happy life remember??

5. Aren’t we being selfish parents doing this sleep training for our sake?!

What are you talking about? Yes I get that we will sleep better too once our child is sleep trained, BUT it is not for us. It is for our child first and foremost!

When our child needs our intervention to fall back asleep each night, this is extremely frustrating.

Can you imagine waking up multiple times each night and having to cry in order to get put back to sleep. This is not easy on the child.

Learning how to self-soothe is an important skill for our baby to avoid crying nightly. And don’t we want the best for our child? Giving our baby good quality sleep every single night is the best thing we can do for him/her!

6. It’s okay we don’t need to sleep train, our baby will outgrow all these night time wakings. This too shall pass!!

Yes, you are right about this but did you know research has shown that 84% of babies who have sleep issues will continue to do so up to 3 years old or some even older??

And did you know adults who suffer from insomnia usually have sleep problems when they were a child??

Think about it – if their sleep foundation hasn’t been strong, don’t you think it will get worse as they get older?? Do we really want that for our child just because we think this is not a big deal right now?

While it is true that most children will eventually stop needing the caregiver’s help to fall asleep, the timing varies greatly. It is not unusual for 5 and 6-year-olds to still wake up multiple times and want to be fed or rocked to get back to sleep.

Zoe knows of teenagers that still insist on sleeping next to parents to fall asleep. Will the child outgrow it? Yes, eventually. But in the worst case scenario, it might be when they leave home. 

7. It’s too expensive! 

Most of the families who have been through Sleep Baby Sleep program have said this after getting their success stories,

“This is by far the best investment ever!”

“There is no price tag on a baby who can sleep well!”

Price is just a number on how much you value something. You said it’s expensive and yet, you are willing to buy iPhone or iPad.

Money can be earned again but how much sleep are we willing to lose? It’s not just our sleep but our baby’s sleep! How about our helper? We might get her to handle the night duties, but she needs her rest too so she can have the energy to do the house chores during the day. Getting well rested nights for our entire family is just priceless.

If our lives can be transformed for the better, gain back our sleep, restore our sanity, seeing our baby wake up happy and well rested, improve our marriage – would it not be worth all the money in the world?

When we invest in this, we will be committed to follow through and get our success story too.

We have tried doing it on our own (DIY) and asked Mr. Google, but it didn’t work. We did not see it through and we are not even sure if we are doing it right. It’s time we seek professional help! That’s why every successful Olympic athlete needs a coach. The coaches have the experience and knowledge of what needs to be done to help us achieve our gold medal!

Zoe also offers other cheaper sleep packages such as her online video program or her book even but it means we won’t get as much help from her.

To be honest with you, I am tired, frustrated and sleep deprived. Right now I can’t even process any information I have consumed or read. Having more support and help is crucial so that I know that I am on the right path to success.

I really would like more help from her so that I know I am on the right track, get her to tweak our baby’s sleep schedule accordingly, she can be my support system, provide me the assurance, help me troubleshoot and be my sleep BFF.


One last thing…

If after all this your husband is still not convinced, I am more than happy to have a conversation with him. You can book your FREE 20 mins discovery call with me.

Here is an article I have written about how to talk to your husband as well if he doesn’t agree with sleep training. In this article, I have included a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation I had with my client who told me her husband wasn’t keen at first as well. He never knew there was such a thing as this baby sleep expert. She said she was always arguing with her husband a lot but realised it was all because of their baby not sleeping well. And now that her baby is sleeping well and through the night, her husband and her relationship has improved a great deal too!

Do check out my comprehensive FAQs page if this is still not convincing enough for your husband. 

If all else fails, and he still refuses to invest, it’s okay you can just try to DIY and read my book or watch my online video program or check out my Master Sleep Library and hopefully you can still get your success story! 

All the best and sleep well!

“Remember only with good sleep you can have it all!”