How My SGSupernanny Journey Started and Being a First Time Mom

How My SG Supernanny Journey Started

How My Sgsupernanny Journey Started

My SGSupernanny journey started when I had my twins and they weren’t sleeping well, which led to countless sleepless nights. 

Back then being a first time mom, I didn’t know what to expect. I was of course really excited and anxious at the same time. ⁣

⁣Even attending antenatal classes did not prepare me for the non-stop feeding, pumping in between, burping, diaper-changing, crying and all the sleepless nights. I was struggling with their catnapping and multiple night wakings. I was going crazy not being able to have any me-time at all. My whole world turned upside down.⁣

But I would not trade it for anything else in the world. Being a mommy to my twins is one of the best things that ever happened to me. They changed my life forever.⁣

I became this baby sleep expert and SGSupernanny is what it is today thanks to them not sleeping well. Through my struggles, I found a solution and once I got them both to sleep well and through the night, I had so much time and I started enjoying my motherhood again. Sleep is the most important thing to resolve. ⁣

If you are facing the same problem as I once faced and you need a simple 5 steps system to help your baby sleep, check out my baby sleep packages to see how I can help you or book a FREE 20 mins discovery call with me so I can address any of your concerns before you decide to embark on this coaching program.

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