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Getting Baby’s Sleep Back after the Holidays

Getting Baby Sleep Back after the Holidays

With Christmas and Chinese New Year happening one after another, it is no surprise that baby sleep training is now a little out of sorts. Good news, the holidays are nearing an end, and now it is time to jump back into our normal routine! There is just one problem: Your little one is no longer sleeping well like he/she used to, and you are not sure if he/she is able to go back to being a good sleeper. No worries! Getting off track happens when you travel or when family visits over the holidays. Perhaps your baby stayed up later because you had guests over for dinner, or maybe naps were cut short or done in car because you had one too many places to go to. You may have even feel like your child is losing his/her normally great nights and naps.

Here are 5 tips to help you get your baby back on track with sleep after the holidays:

What happens over the holidays stay with the holidays

Go right back to your consistent sleep habits and routines. No matter how naps and nights were done over the holidays, it stays with the holidays. Go back to your normal routine. 

Say goodbye now to staying up before 6am, late bedtime, and napping outside such as car, friend’s place, carrier.

Return to your EASY routine

Start your day at 7-8am to help your baby’s body adjust to the routine. If your baby is awake prior to 6am, don’t rush to get him/her out. Leave him/her in the cot for a while. In the day time, always look out for sleepy cues, watch the wake windows carefully and prioritize naps. 

Keep baby active in the day!

Instead of keeping your baby in your arms all day long, be sure to create plenty of opportunities for baby to clock some “exercise” time! Thinking tummy time, rolling, crawling, and walking! Give your baby time to move that little body so he/she can sleep better at night.

Make full use of daylight

Natural light helps to calibrate our body clock and also promotes a good night sleep. Whenever possible, take your baby out for a short walk in the day. If this is not possible, open up the curtains and let natural light do its magic!

Know that your great little sleeper will be back soon!

For babies who are sleep trained, it only takes a few consistent days and nights to get back on track. Holidays should never be a cause for you to stress about your baby’s sleep! 

If you are having a tough time getting your baby to sleep it’s time to book in for a free 20 Minute discovery call with us now. We’ll be happy to help find a solution that works best for you and your little one.

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