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Getting Baby On The Bed – Case Study

How To Get Baby On The Bed

Alester has not been sleeping through the night since he was born. His mother was at her wit’s end and decided to give me a try when she saw me helping another mommy who was going through the same problems as she was. Alester was crying and screaming every time when it was time to sleep. He would cry and scream, toss and turn and kick in his yao lan. His parents would need to swing, pat and sing till he falls asleep. They try to do the transfer from yaolan to the cot once he is asleep but he would wake up as soon as his head touches the mattress. Since his birth, he has been waking up for milk for the middle of the night feedings.  He was still waking up for milk every 3-4 hourly at night. Alester was also given gadgets such as iPad and iPhone to play before bedtime.

My recommendation:

I told his mother to get rid of the yao lan. I told her doing the transfer will not work. As Alester was only going to bed at 10pm, I asked that he’d be put to bed much earlier say 8pm if possible. I also ask that she introduce a better bedtime routine for him one that is without gadgets as that can overstimulate her baby and making it harder for him to fall asleep.

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