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From mombie to Sleep Supernanny Dream Team: Tze Teng Success Story

It has been few months since I embark on this new career as a Sleep Consultant, I am blessed to be given the opportunity to coach families to get back their deserve sleep. Stay tuned for some lovely reviews from my clients.⁠

Here I want to share about my life before I started fostering good sleep habits in my child, looking at the picture above, I can only sum it up in a word, I WAS A MOMBIE. ⁠🧟‍♀️

I know how tough it is to operate on little sleep and feel there no end in sight. I tried rocking, baby wearing and probably have sung infinity times of lullaby, co-sleeping and never-ending latching throughout the night. My child was screaming and crying hysterically almost every night and I have no idea what was going wrong with her. I brought her to see a doctor and I was told by the PD “It’s okay, she will outgrow of this poor sleep habit! “ ☹I even believed in a statement made by my confinement nanny “ babies are much smarter if they sleep lesser”. All I can do was to make another cup of coffee to last through the day. It took a toll on my mental & physical health, sleep deprivation is REAL.⁠🥴

Fast forward, my child is already 4 years old and she was able to sleep independently since she was sleep -trained at 6 months, I wish I could have done it earlier!!Sleep training has been such a blessing to us as a family!⁠

Because of what I have gone through, I am passionate in helping tired parents in getting back the sleep we all so very much needed, sleep training is intentional, if you have your child’s best interest at heart, this is the best gift you can give to you child! Do not starve your child’ sleep anymore, it is crucial for their brain & physical development.⁠

If you are at the end of your rope, hop on a discovery call with us, our goal is to see you making a progress in your child’s sleep and we will work with you closely to achieve that.⁠

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