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Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions you may need answers before taking action!
Yes, believe it or not – I have heard so many families tell me their little one is very stubborn, very strong headed and feisty. I have heard it all. I have helped thousands of families all over the world for the past 7 years and while every family and child are unique, there are often common elements that we can learn from which is why I have so many success stories on my website.

I believe in helping families in the way that suits them the best. I only offer customised solutions that you feel most comfortable with. 

I believe in being realistic and honest – sleep training takes time, commitment, hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. I want you to come out feeling confident and ready to tackle any sleep challenges you might be having.

I offer positive, encouraging and ‘You got this’ mantra and I want you to know my Dream Team and I will be with you every step of the way to get your desired outcome!

One of the things that holds a lot of parents back from making changes around their child’s sleep habits is the idea of leaving their child alone to figure this out.This is what most people call it the Cry It Out CIO approach, which means you leave your child to cry and hope they will fall asleep eventually.
First of all, I will never ask you to do things you are not comfortable with doing.

I have a 5 steps system and you need to follow all 5 steps to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

My Sleep Baby Sleep program has a method where you can stay in the room with your child.

So you can be there, and you can be the cheerleader and the support system and you can sit on the sidelines and kinda help your baby and cheer him on as he figures out some new strategies, but beyond that there’s not a lot we can do, because it’s about skill development.
It’s about learning something new. And you can’t learn it for your child. He’s gotta do that part on his own.

That being said, you should make peace with the fact that when changing a habit that your child is so used to, there will be some crying involved due to either protest or overtiredness.

If your child can speak, they will tell you “Mommy please rock me to sleep, or Mommy please nurse me to sleep like you have always been doing.” Since your baby can’t talk yet, they will cry instead.

I will teach you how to implement an age appropriate routine/schedule so you can distinguish your child’s crying. Right now you might be frustrated and wondering why your child is crying all the time and refusing to sleep even though they seem so tired or cranky…

If your child is crying because of tiredness you wouldn’t want to respond to the cry by feeding him. That’s not the right response. Letting him sleep instead should be the right thing to do.

There will come a beautiful day your child will happily go to sleep without protest and wake up happy and well rested! Trust me. It will happen.
The whole reason why we are doing this, is so your baby will cry less and sleep more and overall be a happier well rested child!

Yes. If you’re sharing a room with your child especially once they are able to stand up in the cot, a good way is to set up a partition or divider of some kind between you and your child for the first little while.

The main thing is so your child can’t see you when they wake up in the middle of the night especially during the initial stage of the sleep program.

Once your child is sleeping well through the night, you can remove the divider (if you choose).


A lot of my clients are in the same scenario as you. As long as you are consistent and follow my 5 steps system, you will get your results.

When your baby goes to infant care, he knows it’s a different environment from home and different caregivers. I would of course recommend your IFC to follow your approach at home. I remembered one mom told me her 20 weeks old baby was doing so well at IFC as well even the teachers were impressed that baby can just fall asleep independently. 

(For personalised consultation packages, I will give you a letter to provide to them).
If all else fails and your IFC can’t follow your guidelines, your baby and you will still benefit greatly by sleeping through the night at home every single night and also during weekends. Night sleep is definitely more restorative than any naps combined.

You can foster healthy sleep habits from day 1 from the moment you bring your baby home from the hospital. You can go with the flow and yet still provide a good structure and routine in place for your baby. Your baby needs the right foundation in place when it comes to feeding and sleeping.

When is the right time to sleep train depends on you really. When are you ready to get back your precious sleep not just for you but also for your baby? Every day that you delay, your baby will accumulate more sleep debts with broken night sleep and catnapping and your baby will get more overtired, cranky and just waking up crying and frustrated with the lack of sleep.

During our consultation, I will be checking out your baby’s sleep environment (via videos and photos for e-Consult) and suggest ways to improve it and then we will have a 90-120 mins consultation. I will teach you during the consultation in detail my 5 steps system so you know what to do for different kinds of scenarios. I will also leave you with a bunch of Must Have Sleep Resources so you will know exactly what needs to be done even after our consultation is over. You will get 2 – 3 weeks follow up support from me via WhatsApp, phone and email. – Age-appropriate feeding and sleeping schedule from newborn to toddler (0 – 3 years old)  – Sleep Supernanny’s Sleep Training Plan guiding you the exact steps of teaching your child the art of self-settling – FAQs by clients of Sleep Supernanny – Tips for naps, how to avoid catnaps, nap transitioning and more – What to do when dealing with sick child, travelling and early wakings – Crying baby – how to deal and cope with that…

To answer this question, I need to know exactly what kind of guarantees are you looking for?

If your baby is healthy, no other health issues and you follow my 5 steps system closely and consistently, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get your success story like all the other families. The key is to follow my 5 steps system properly and consistently then you will get your desired outcome as well.

1) You can email us at info@sleepsupernanny.com or fill out the contact form to find out more about the different sleep packages. You can also schedule a FREE 20 mins consultation call to see if we are the right fit for one another first. 

2) If we are the right fit to work together, then you will be emailed our sleep packages proposal.

3) Choose the package that suits your level of need and your budget on the proposal sent to you.

4) Once you have transferred the funds, you will need to complete a sleep audit form that provides you the opportunity to explain your child’s daily routine and sleep issues.

5) Once the sleep audit form is completed, we will analyse it to better understand your sleep issues and your parenting philosophy. We can then schedule our personalised sleep consultation together.