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Effective Communication

How To Get Baby On The Bed

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life has been rather busy with 3 sick and vomiting kids, parenting talks and coaching sessions. I would like to share with you a topic that I recently shared with parents at a primary school.

To have an effective communication with your child, first you gotta have good listening skills. What’s a good listening skills?

Well you need to use active listening skills when your child starts communicating with you. What is active listening skill? Active listening skills is when you encourage your child to express himself verbally without influencing him with your own preconceived notions or opinions.

Your child will get to express himself while you just simply listen without forming any opinions. It does require a lot of practice and patience to be good at this, but I do hope you will try it out. Your child would then be able to share more with you without fearing about what you may judge or think.

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