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Meet The Sleep Supernanny Dream Team

Our approach is always going to be positive, encouraging and what suits your child and your parenting style best.

Healthy sleep habits make happy and healthy children!

Here at Sleep Supernanny, our sleep method gives options on accommodating different parenting styles. Most importantly you, as a parent, need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan to create healthy sleep habits in order for it to work for your child!

All Dream Team members have completed an in-person Sleep Supernanny Mentorship Program.

Zoe continues to support, guide and oversee the Sleep Supernanny Dream Team as they work with families who trust in us. So don’t worry, all our clients will experience the same amazing success stories regardless of who supports them!

Our Journey from Sleep Deprivation to Blissful Nights: Our Dream Team Stories

Embark on our personal journey as we conquer sleep deprivation and uncover the secrets to blissful nights. Join us on a journey of transformation, from sleep deprivation to restful nights, happier relationships, and a renewed joy in parenting. Get ready to unlock the secrets to peaceful sleep with us by your side. Why us? Because we’ve been there too.

Zoe Chu

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am an ex-mombie. I was struggling when my twins were not sleeping well and I was constantly rocking and feeding them to sleep.

My whole world was turned upside down, I wasn’t enjoying my motherhood with the lack of sleep. The sleep deprivation started to take a toll on me emotionally and mentally.

I knew I had to find solutions. Thank God, my neighbour came to visit me one fine day and shared with me the beauty of sleep training. I applied what I have learned and voila my twins started to sleep well and through the night. Fast forward, I started developing my own 5 steps sleep system.


Hi! I am Huimin. I’m married to Ben and together we have our toddler aka tornado Elliot! I feel very blessed to have experienced one of the best gifts from God – parenthood.

However, this didn’t start off easy with us! I thought I knew enough information to make my baby sleep – boy, was I wrong.

Things were very rocky after the hospital days as my son did not feed well and showed signs of reflux so he had to be carried upright for his sleeps or rocked to sleep. Navigating breastfeeding as a first-time mum, insecure about my choices and decisions I wasn’t enjoying motherhood at all.

Estee (Currently on a Break)

Hi! I’m Estee. I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls and I love them to the moon and back!

My first weeks as a mum did not start off easy. My two babies were the spirited type and it was so difficult just to get them to fall asleep, and to stay asleep for long was nearly impossible. It didn’t help that I struggled with other postnatal issues like a low milk supply and postnatal blues.

Since patting and rocking did not help my babies sleep, I had to carry them through their naps. I found myself crying quite often because there was just so much to do and I was in no capacity to get anything done. I was strapped to the baby day and night with a constant ache in my shoulders and back. My days were felt terribly long and dreadful. I was not enjoying motherhood at all.


Hi! I’m Sara. I am a mother of 4 kids.

Becoming a mother can be a journey of joy and an emotional roller coaster! The reality hits me during the 2nd week after we brought home our first-born from the hospital. I was crying to my husband because breastfeeding was painful and everything was just too overwhelming because I couldn’t sleep well. My mother would be helping in the day, yet I would wake up suddenly and ask if the baby was crying. Even in my dreams I can hear my daughter’s cry! It was terrible.

I turned to baby sleep training books to find some routine and followed it very strictly but, the stress sticking to what the books have offered made me into a very high-strung mother. It made me want to give up.


I am a mother of two boys, aged 2 years apart.

My firstborn was conceived 3 years after my marriage to my husband, Kar Shiang. We thought that life as a woman would be renewed after becoming a mother. Indeed, life as a first-time mother has its rosy parts, however, the lack of experience and the myriad of advice from parents, relatives and neighbours can get you pretty confused and lost at

Fast forward to when my firstborn is eight months old and the second sleep regression hits. We relied on a lot of external sleep props to get him to sleep and he was not able to sleep for long stretches – waking up every 45 minutes at night wanting to be rocked to sleep.

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