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Do Not Let Your Baby Cries Is Practically Impossible

Crying Baby

Crying has been a topic that we hold so close to our heart and we know that hearing an intense cry can be agonising and letting our frustration and anger turns into panic will only intensify our babies’ cry.

How can we deal with this?

We must learn that crying serves a purpose and it is a form of communication, instead of rushing in to attend to our child’s cry immediately, try to take a deep breath and pause for a few minutes before we attend to him, the more anxious we are, the harder for us to console our babies.

We got to learn to discern our child’s cry, are there any unmet needs of your child? Discomfort, hunger, soiled diapers, or sleepiness?

Remember, your baby loves you, their fussiness does make you a bad parents, learn to take time to care for yourself and seek help when you are struggling to cope with caring for a baby.

If you are still struggling with your child’s fussiness and you are at your wits-end to soothe your child to sleep well, please do not hesitate to seek help from our Dream Team in Sleep Supernanny! Message us at @SleepSupernanny or jump on a FREE 20min discovery call with us to find out more!

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