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Is baby sleep training is all about letting my baby cry it out?

Cry It Out

There is a common misconception that you should let your babies “cry it out” as part of the sleep training method. Sleep training doesn’t mean that at all. It means you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and get your baby to learn how to self settle in the most ideal sleep environment with an age-appropriate schedule.

Does sleep training mean your baby will cry?

Your baby cries to communicate with you whether you are sleep training or not. So to expect no crying when it comes to sleep training is definitely impossible.

Having said that some studies found that the “cry it out” method which means you don’t check your baby at all was an effective way to help babies sleep longer. However, sleep training does not mean leaving your babies screaming for hours alone in a room. As a parent, once you foster healthy sleep habits, you know what your child needs and you can respond to their cries accordingly.

There are more baby sleep myths and we debunked them in this post.

What are your thoughts about the “cry it out” method”? Let us know in the comments.

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