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Confession of a Mom of Four

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To all the moms out there, I just want to share that this motherhood journey is never easy. As a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and more, I have lots of competing interests and I need to learn to balance them all. And that’s really tough.

Initially, as a mom, all I wanted to be is the perfect mom for my twins, so that they will love me unconditionally – I will always try to be there for them and be the best mom I can be for them. Then as time passes by…with more kids, all with differing personalities & temperaments and with more responsibilities and dreams I want to achieve as I aged, I realized things aren’t just that simple.


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Many times I felt like a failure as a mom because I couldn’t do what I set out to be in my head as the PERFECT mom. Yes, I broke down many times over the years when I realized I wasn’t the perfect mom for my kids. Then slowly l realized I could never be the perfect mom I set myself out to be 12 years ago.

All I can be is to be a happy, contented and grateful mom so that my kids would understand that I am only human after all. I made lots of mistakes (still do!), I am selfish at times and sometimes I want things done my way. This journey of motherhood is a work in progress – I promise I would be teachable by admitting my mistakes, learn from them, apologise, take time to be there for my kids and learn to listen to them as well.

I hope my kids know I will always love them unconditionally but I will never be the perfect mom. That was a breakthrough moment for me.


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