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How to overcome child’s jet lag and sleep problems during travel

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Travelling long distances and kids aren’t always a great mix, long days, minimal sleep and then come the jet lag all make for a very cranky child.

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes or magic spells to cure jet lag, even for adults but there are some tips that you can follow to help you get back on track fast!

Make use of blackout blinds – Darkness is for sleep and light is for wake!

Keeping the bedroom dark helps your child’s body produce melatonin which will help them fall asleep faster when they are meant to – at night!

Light helps cue their body that it is time to wake even though it may be ‘night time’ in their home country!

You can DIY a blackout blind using garbage bags or aluminium foil and blue-tack that might save space in your luggage!

Make use of the sun!

When you first land, try and get your child out in the sun to cue their bodies that it is daylight and when the sun sets it’s night time!

Sun helps convert serotonin to melatonin which will naturally help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer!

The quicker you jump into the routine the easier it is to say bye-bye to Jet lag!

While it is important to jump into routine, it is also critical you don’t over-pack your holiday schedule, especially for the first couple of days and always prioritise an earlier bedtime to help catch up on any sleep debt!

Where you can, stick to your normal routine e.g. if your child takes a morning and afternoon nap, try and prioritise for the morning nap to be in the hotel and take the afternoon nap on the go. Or if your child has only one nap in the day, try and plan activities in the morning and make for a slightly later nap in the afternoon and stay in for dinner!

Treat any early wake ups as you would a night wake

Depending on where you are headed, if your child wakes up at 4am wanting to start the day, treat it as you would a regular night wake and resettle your child how you normally would – refrain from starting the day at 4am!

Keep your boundaries firm and remain calm!

If bedtime is pushed out later due to the time difference, ease into it by dropping it back every 1 hour and ensure you prep your child as much as you can that this will happen

Hold your boundaries firmly but gently that night is for sleep and now is the time for sleep!

Perhaps you may have arrived home from your holiday and your child is still struggling with Jetlag and unable to sleep? Try these tips and reach out to us if you need help in ending your jetlag struggles and get your sleep back on track! Book in for a free 20 Minute discovery call with us now to start sleeping now!

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