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Causes and Tips for Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression

Is your baby experiencing sleep regression?

Sleep regression is a period when a baby who has been sleeping well experiences poor sleep. This includes shorter naps, extreme fussiness, fighting sleep & frequent waking in the evenings. Sleep regression is caused by either a development leap or a shift in sleeping schedules or needs. It is common among the ages of 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 18 months and so on.

How do we overcome it? Swipe for the 5 tips to help with your baby’s sleep regression!

Tip #1 – Sleeping Habits

Maintain a consistent rest time routine for both naptimes and bedtime.

Tip #2 – Basic needs

Make sure your baby’s needs are met before laying them down to rest. Change their diaper, make sure they are well fed, etc.

Tip #3 – Daytime playtime

Keep your baby active in the daytime and also give them exposure to the sunlight but be mindful of their sleepy cues. Always put your baby down at the right sleep window before they get too overtired. This can help them to sleep well at night because sleep promotes sleep.

Tip #4 – Environment

Make sure that it’s dark, quiet, and calm to minimise distractions while your baby is sleeping.

Tip #5 Self settling techniques

Allow your child to learn the art of self-settling, either by doing gradual withdrawal or leave and check method.

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