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Top 8 Reasons To Sleep Train Your Child

Top 8 Reasons To Sleep Train Your Child

The benefits of sleep training is simply exhaustive and it’s definitely not my intention to make the parents feel judged if they choose not to sleep train. To me, to each its own as I have always believed. I strongly think that as parents, we are just doing the best we can with the knowledge we got. I am not here to judge another parent for their choices but I am here to help if you need my help.

Adorable 5 Month Old Asian Baby Girl.

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How to get baby to sleep through the night. This is probably the number 1 question that most sleep deprived parents would be asking or most new parents would be asking after coping with only 4-5 hours sleep everyday for the first few months of baby’s life.

Understanding Your Baby's Sleep Cycle

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

In order to understand why your child takes short naps, first you need to understand your baby’s sleep cycle and her sleeping patterns. A child who continually takes short naps means he/she doesn’t know how to connect to their next sleep cycle when they wake up from one of their sleep cycle. A child’s natural sleep cycle typically last 30-60 minutes long.

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Child Sleep Problems

When we’re dealing with sleep issues with our children, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out a place to start. I remember having to tackle so many problems such as breastfeeding, trying to synchronise my twins feeding and sleeping times and how to stop them from waking up so often.


Why Is It So Important For My Child To Get Enough Sleep

So you may not mind waking up at night for the night time feed because it doesn’t take too long for baby to nurse and then fall back to sleep. You wouldn’t want to change anything just in case he starts waking up more frequently. But what if I tell you that your 7 month old baby doesn’t actually need to wake up for those night time feeds anymore? Would you be able to stop the night time feeds altogether?